Native American Elders Speak on the Coronavirus, Share Prophecy & Urgent Message to Humanity

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Native American Elders David Lonebear Sanipass and Clifford Mahooty share an urgent message and prophecy to all of humanity and all nations in light of the coronavirus or covid-19.

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Show Notes:

Clifford Mahooty is a full blood Zuni Elder and is is an expert and well versed in the ancient teachings.

He is a retired civil engineer and worked in various levels of government for over 40 years!

He worked on environmental justice for all Indian tribes to protect their sacred site, cultural properties, their spirituality and teachings to protect mother earth.

David Lonebear Sanipass is a mathematician, engineer, and scientist. He spent the first 26 years of his life hidden on the side of a mountain learning from over 600 elders.

He was taught math, physics, chemistry, biology, and history. He is the keeper of the ancient copper scrolls and was asked to share the 20,000-year-old star teachings for the first time ever.

David has sent balloons 800,000 feet into space to monitor the signals that are being sent to earth which NASA has also detected, he invented an electric bike that went 40 mph using a tear capacitor and has spoken of many other inventions from decoding the ancient copper scrolls.

David is a Sagen and spiritual representative of the Mi’kmaq people and was asked to delivery prophecy papers to his holiness the Dalai Lama

In this show they discuss

Prophecy is not written in stone
Zuni history
Clifford reads certain prophecy
Getting started with healing the planet now
The planet is not in balance
It’s a political media disease
The False flag occurences
The stock market is crashing
The prophecy of the spider and the mouse
The copper scrolls
The prophecy of the rainbow monster
1 of 27 things that are going to happen
This is a wake up call
Why we have to get grounded again
Importance of community
The teachings of kindness, compassion, spirituality and guidance, community
Disharmony among humans causing unethical actions
Deviation from practices from known forces that keep mind, heart, spirit in balance
Why we need to learn the lesson
Mother earth is giving us a chance
The golden calf theory
What TEAS are
Communication with other worlds
Why our culture has not learned to listen
3 Steps to solving a problem

  1. Given
  2. Required
  3. Solution
    Why government is not working together
    The state of native American communities
    The Casino Mafia
    What Clifford recommends the government does
    Drake equation
    Clifford Asks David to share some prophecy
    David shares the spider and the mouse story
    The magic box
    We are in a war of containment
    The rainbow monster that will take your brain of your child
    How you kill the rainbow monster is to pull it’s tail

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