Happy Mother’s Day to all the great Mothers and women around the world

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Let us honor all great Mothers because they are simply the best and without Mum´s we all will not be here.
Happy Mother’s day to all our steemian / crypo mothers , all mum around the world, single or married-you all are the pillar of our success and your prayers / love keep us going.

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Join me to share/ send a rose in honor of my mum, your mum and all mum´s / women around the world.

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My mother (mum´s ) is the most caring and loving woman I have ever known. Bless all mum´s and mum´s to be.

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Wow this is a great honor to all mum´s , mum´s to be and women around the world...thanks for this great post...love to all mum´s and happy mothers day

Thanks for your great comment...happy mothers day to all the great mum´s and women

Happy mother's day to the most sacrificing relation in the world

Mothers are just amazing. I am glad I have one, and I hope to be an amazing Mum someday. Happy Mother's day to all the great Mums out there.

Good point indeed, bless all Mum´s and mum´s to be

What's up y'all ?

Correct me if i'm wrong, but I don't think we have to wait for Mother’s Day
to express how much we love our mom, right ?

Let's NOT forget this :
the love of a mother gives to a child what the schools cannot.

Thanks for your unconditional love, mom.
Love you !

You are absolutely correct however some part of the world dedicate this day to mothers and thus we will join in honor of mum´s

muchas gracias ,y lo que dices es verdad sin ellas nada ,y nuestras oraciones a los hijos nunca deben faltar

Happy Mothers day

Happy Mothers day

Happy Mother's day to you too!

Happy mothers day. Nice post. All mothers are honorable and respectable. And of course my mom is the best mom in the world.

Amen to that..same here

Good point, same here .

Hello ! Cette fête est célébrée à des moments différents selon les pays. En France c'est le 27 mai ! (乂ღ˘⌣˘)ノ♥♥Happy Mother's day ♥

Because Mother There is only one, and it is the best thing that there is in this world.

Nice photos, I`m not a Mother yet, bu some day, so I accept that beatiful rose, thanks a lot

Happy mother's day to all great mums all over the world. Your guidance has made us who we are. I specifically appreciate the love my mother has showered on us so far. God bless all the mums out there

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Happy Mothers day to all mothers out there. Such a nice Holiday

No matter how much we try to express what is inside us to the greatest human being in the universe, words and letters will not suffice. They are the light of our way of life. They are the ones who guided us to righteousness and took on the hardships and hardships of life for us. Mother, thank God for this blessing

Amen to that...very good point indeed...thanks

WOW Nice Family.

Thanks for sharing. My own mom struggles a lot with personal issues and it's hard to celebrate her sometimes, but days like this remind me that without her there would be no me. So I sit with that and have learned to appreciate the awesome mom's the people around me have as well as the great mother my partner is to all of our kiddos. Happy Mother's Day to all the strong mommas and grandmas out there!

Happy Mother's Day, the truth GOD gave me as unfortunate the situation of not being able to be, but as I believe that GOD makes everything perfect, maybe it would not be a good mother, and to get it not be, better not be . Even so a mother is necessary in every way, The love of a mother does not contemplate the impossible.

Happy Mothers Day to every beautiful mother on Steemit! We respect you, love you and never forget that because of you, we are here :)

Beautiful photo sharing bro

What is beautiful about the post?

Rose flower and mother , child's photo
And post content also.

Mother’s are precious blessings from Allah ... My mother is my real queen 👸

Your post is very good!

Happy mother's day to every mother on this earth (and even to the mothers who are out of this world i.e. astronauts). We should not confine our sentiments towards our mother only for a day. I think everyday is mothers' day. A mothers raises us everyday. She doesn't favor us on a special day only. She is always with her child.
On this day, I salute every mother who are raising their child with care and putting values in her children mind.

"M" is for the million things she gave me,
"O" means only that she's growing old,
"T" is for the tears she shed to save me,
"H" is for her heart of purest gold,
"E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
"R" means right, and right she'll always be.

Mothers will always be a blessing on our way, they are a reason to grow and give them much happiness, for them we are here, happy day for the mothers of your family.

Well deserved this great day, congratulations to all those beautiful mothers around the world is an honor happy mothers who never lack us health and love 😍

happy mother's day

There is no mother, Mother is the world's goddess No one likes mother like me No one likes a mother like me. Mother is worried about the world as dark. Many love mother Thank you for this post a great post !!!

Ther is no one like our mum in our life,today is a day dedicated to our awesome mothers who selflessly give us their all. For all their selfless love and care they have showered upon you, today is the day you give her a break from mommy duties.In a child's eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe." I love my mum from the deep inside of my heart.FB_IMG_1526234416522.jpg

Asi es amigo @charles1. Me uno a su saludo a todas las Madres del mundo y en especial a las Madres de nuestro pais Venezuela

The only love i really believe in is the love from a mother. I mean what's more precious than it

its date of my berth also ;)

Mothers are just amazing. I am glad I have one, and I hope to be an amazing Mum someday. Happy Mother's day to all the great Mums out there.

Thanks for the celebration @charles1. Our mothers truly deserve the very best because they've always made us priority. God bless them for us.