Enhancing the synergy between our heart and mind

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The heart is our greatest intelligence center.

When we are living too much inside our head this implies a disconnection between heart and mind. In this state, the ego usually becomes our favorite advisory interlocutor in terms of decision-making.

One of the most effective readily available natural healing tools which on my personal journey has allowed me best to reconnect and synergise my heart and mind interplay, therefore improve my well-being, is the practise of mental silence.

The degree to which energetics behind certain thought patterns we cultivate negatively impacts our health on all levels should not be underestimated. Every thought we have is a conversation with our body, hence exerts influence on it. Naturally, when a specific thought is based on a lack of self-love and becomes repetitive, it will develop a life of its own and imprint itself into our energy system. This will give corresponding cells in our body the green light to claim independence from our greater body system and instead expand on their own. Our immune system’s defenses weaken and beside that, a plethora of diseases is the common consequence.

The term „disease“ itself, however, speaks volumes already: „a disability to feel at ease“ or simply „not being at ease“.

Ultimately, when we feel powerless in the face of a certain disease, on a core level we feel powerless against a specific thought pattern we cultivated and empowered for too long. Playing the helpless victim to disease is commensurate with playing the helpless victim to thoughts. Identifying with a certain disease is identifying with a certain thought. Let go that thought is to let go that disease.

This is where mental silence is priceless.

I am not referring to meditation techniques that incorporate visualisation or reveries accompanied by relaxation music.

I am talking about creating ourselves a most quiescent space where we dedicate our full focus onto uncompromisingly erasing any incoming thoughts until we enter the void of thoughtlessness.

Suppressing our thoughts is not corresponding with escaping or stifling our emotions, but the exact opposite, because we allow the toxic energetic venom of the thought to be released.

A thought gains energetic potency through becoming repetitive. Suppressing the thought breaks the repetition cycle, hence creates space for silence and energetic release. Finally, we can have the same thought but without any emotional attachment to it so that we will become capable of overwriting our memory of certain past events and, at the same time, heal corresponding self-love deficites infesting our energy system. Eventually the entire thought pattern will cease to exist, to the encompassing benefit of our body, mind and Soul health.

Bear in mind that thorough healing will take time, because especially long-standing thought patterns may already have such a life of their own that most likely we won’t take immediate note of them. In addition to that, it will take more time to liberate ourselves from the lock these ingrained types of thought patterns have had on us. Notwithstanding, our immune system will benefit immediately from the mental silence.

Symptoms like coughing, headaches or heatwaves will be strongly mitigated, while the stiffness in our limbs and muscles relaxes. All within a matter of minutes. The only prerequisite is us consciously making the silencing of our mind a chief priority.

As the thought venom leaves our body, equilibrium of energy flow will be gradually restored. Concurrently, the mind will increasingly open up to accepting our heart as its main consultant, therefore paving the way for much more fruitful collaborative teamwork.

Enjoy extracting,


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I approve of this spiritual posts.
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Good to hear :)

Yes, it is.

I can say from experience that the practise of mental silence is really powerful and worth the dedication. :)

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