Equanimity is the key to flourishing well-being

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There was a time when I wondered if I am too equanimous.

The reason for this was that the taking place of personally dark experiences never made me feel truly shattered within, while on the other hand seemingly bright experiences never had me dive into leaps of exorbitant joy.

Although I realised that this experiential perception of mine was a direct implication of longstanding conscious emotional and mental cleansing, entailing most essential life insights, I eventually found myself pondering.

I dissected that there are actually only these two ways: either remain centered and therefore not identify with emotion or get lost in the experience and therefore identify with emotion.

The issue with the latter becomes obvious as soon as we analyse the term "emotion" itself: when we identify with something that basically translates into "energy in motion" Soul congestion is bound to occur. Identifying with emotion means identifying with experience, and when we don't get our preferred choice of emotion or experience, we will feel pain at worst, lack at best. Seemingly dark experiences will tear us down more easily. Anything outside of our emotional beauty bubble will appear more lacklustre, and usually we then live off the energy reserves of joy accumulated inside the bubble instead of being able to enjoy the very unique energy and beauty potential of the current moment outside the bubble. We limit our experiential joy spectrum.

This is why I prefer a state of equanimity.

Note that here is a salient contrast between "equanimity" and "indifference".

The former knows that all will be well and intrinsically cares, while the latter doesn't know that all will be well but neither does he care.

In a state of equanimity the "energy in motion" behind experiences, whether seemingly most painful or most wonderful ones, abates naturally without clogging, hence allowing me to safely and soundly bypass and heal the magnetic pull into emotional currents created and instead consciously savour the unique energy of the moment without entering the threshold of clinging. Pandering to external expectations and energy patterns is no option no matter how much I will be called a spoilsport. In the end each is responsible for their own well-being.

Staying centered and in my peace energy endows me with the capability of gratefully feeling silent long-term delight that never gets boring. Often I open former posts of mine and am still able to draw silent joy from them, so much that even when I know that nobody read them (mostly back then on wordpress, but also on Steemit) I am not daunted, because above all I write for myself and not for others. The joy my Soul is capable of feeling won't be subject to external reception or circumstances otherwise it will be ephemeral and conditional.

Simultaneously, anyone close to us will mildly find alleviation from their fears and worries just by entering our serenity field. Without words we will radiate the message that all is well and nothing could ever happen to us.

Our serene silence will be the most mellow music to apprehensive ears.

Enjoy orchestrating,


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A few years ago I felt like this. Now I have been dragged into the emotional rollercoaster once more... Meh I'll just raise my hands and enjoy the ride :D

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Don't worry, I am not free of this either.

I was an absolute bastion of calm ( even though I am relatively young at 20) thanks to dedicating myself fully to my inner work. It needed an incredibly paradoxical situation with another person (my dreams spoke of "Twin Flame journey") to at least partially and temporarily break down my inner peace. Deep healing finally started setting in in 2019 and I dare say that finally I am almost about to have completely shed all debris created by this toxic relationship. And it feels great. I wish you the best of healing too :)

Thank you ^.^

Thanks, and best wishes with getting back your 500 Euro.

Peace and love
I felt your peace and I am thankful for it.

Then it's a win-win for all. :)

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. There is something to be said to not be caught up in the roller coaster of emotions but to keep your serenity base, viewing things equanimously! And most definitely that peace and serenity will spread!Thanks for sharing your bits of wisdom and spreading the peace!
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Thanks for stopping by. Developing equanimity and serenity surely contributes to enhanced life quality. :)

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