Learning to embrace our comfort zone

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„Leave your comfort zone“ seems to be one of the most common pseudo-advice given to people on their journey of self-healing and self-discovery.

Concepts around the comfort zone are very relative and misleading from my perspective, sometimes even completely unconducive.

For an impulsive extrovert the decision to remain calm and quiet can be as much a step out of comfort zone as for a serene introvert the decision to come to the fore. What might be a step out of the comfort zone for one might be a step into the comfort zone for another. Only we feel whether we act outside or inside our comfort zone, and that is good because we alone are responsible for our own well-being.

When I started writing articles many years ago I initially had no incentive at all to go online. It had nothing to do with a fear of potential dislike by readers. I simply enjoyed writing and creating in a state of curious passion for the insights I received on my own pathway of self-discovery, with no interest at that time to share any of it with the outside world.

We have to allow ourselves to do things at our own pace. Resistance toward doing something either means it’s not the right thing or not the right time. Trust in the intelligence behind resistance. For many, this is a real step out of comfort zone.

The feeling to release my articles online eventually arose very naturally without any external force pushing me to do so. Had it been so I would have done something that I wasn’t internally ready for. We cannot possibly take responsibility for a step we aren't ready to go yet. In that case the push out of our comfort zone is anything but expedient.

When we start living a self-paced life we will increasingly feel delight in doing things of our own accord. Every decision we make will be happening within our comfort zone because nobody but we ourselves will drive us.

Genuinely knowing, embracing and acting on our personal comfort zone is the most courageous step out of our comfort zone.

Enjoy allowing yourself comfort,


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The comfort zone is what stops your progress.

When we in some way feel guilty for being inside it, then yes. If we fully embrace it, however, then it is a clear statement in terms of setting healthy boundaries. In this case, our willingness for change will come by naturally, not something we will feel forced to do.

Sure... you stay asleep if you want...


"We have to allow ourselves to do things at our own pace. Resistance toward doing something either means it’s not the right thing or not the right time. Trust in the intelligence behind resistance. For many, this is a real step out of comfort zone."

Resonated with this in a big way. I caught up with a friend on Tuesday, and I was talking about a big resistance to stepping back into a regular Tai Chi and Qigong practice (I've been living and teaching this for nearly 20 years, but stopped last year).

She told me how she thought it sounded like I was beating myself up about it, and reminded me something I'd taught others: the resistance is a signal!! She told me how what I was describing was something a little more than some kind of 'block', and to explore this less as a problem that needed to be fixed, more like some important feedback or lesson.

I totally knew what she meant... I've been struggling with some deep processes all week. Still not sure where this process is taking me, but it's pushing some very big, deep buttons.

Thanks for your words.

Thank you for sharing your valuable story.

I agree totally. Quite often we think that resistance is something that happens against, not for us. Something that implies kind of an idleness that serves no purpose but to be broken through. But with this mindset we'll miss the deeper lesson taught by it. Resistance is always there to divulge to us a better, more self-balancing, way of doing something than the thing we feel the resistance toward.

Best of healing to you. :)

I think the comfort zone issue is for when you are stuck, feel burdened and don't know how to move forwards. In other words, there is no comfort in your comfort zone, but you still stick to it for fear of the unknown, so that is the moment it would be wise to step outside and see what life offers.

In the best case we choose to step out of it driven by intrinsic motivation when we feel ready and prepared. Only then we take full responsibility for our decision. The step out of it will then on a deep level feel comforting. Eventually, the unknown will become our comfort zone.

Yes, that's also true, many truths to this world 😂

Great photo. I can imagine how this drop of water will fall on this living creature. It will be a real cold shower.

Let's hope it managed to escape in time. ;)

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