Replenishing our life elixir: a self-made healing mantra

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On my path of improving my sense of wellness self-made mantras over the years became one very effective remedy for enhancing my mental clarity and assuaging adverse repercussions caused by the nowadays almost ubiquitous sensory overload. While it is logically the usual suspects like the news, certain music or visuals which are most unconducive to our mental well-being I noticed that even mindfully selected stimuli gradually taxed my mental capacity to some extend, especially when excessively subjecting myself to them or mixing them together in a multitasking mode, and if it's just meditative music running in the background while I am writing a post.

In the end I am not doing either of both with full focus. Having media of my choice readily available at any time might seem like a luxuriant amenity, but for myself I also found that in the long-term my ability to deeply experience joyous zest blunted, thus impaired the quality of my reality experience. These are reasons why I have been reducing sensory input for some years now to a balanced minimum, particularly sorting out lukeworm actions and occupations or items that feel vibrationally obsolete.

Recently I have been creating myself a new mantra as it naturally came to my mind, and I thought writing it down and sharing it might be of help to others, as for me it proved to be very powerful in taking my energetic cleanse and recalibration to the next level.


Here it is:

I now consciously choose to entirely let go for good any detrimental and unhealthy ways as to how I physically, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically and vibrationally correlated with my reality experience in the past, including all pain memories that keep me locked away from expanding into my highest Heart and Soul frequency potential.

I trust that anything which will physically, psychologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energetically and vibrationally fade away for good in the wake and process of my assimilation into my highest Heart and Soul frequency potential will make itself known in the perfect way at the perfect timing to most effortlessly and harmoniously leave my energy system, therefore reality experience, once and for all with wholehearted internal readiness in full awareness of and responsibility for my choice.

At the same time, I allow my mind to open up to my Soul's natural ability of gratefully attracting and identifying its most joyous fulfillment, so that in the nick of time I will have crystal clear feeling and intuitive knowing when I am being presented with essentially aligned opportunities taken with exactly the same wholehearted internal readiness in full awareness of and responsibility for my choice.

I now let in greatest feel of home, excitement and inner peace into my energy field, cushioned by most inherent trust that there will be no regrets.

So it shall flow.


Hopefully this mantra will be of use to you on your path. Read it whenever you feel like to. For starters, the mantra is serving as a mental anchor to latch onto whenever you feel the necessity to. The energy behind this mantra will then become increasingly second nature to your mind and over time slowly trickle down into your energy field. Eventually your well-being will benefit from it. Feel free to leave some thoughts or share your own experiences with mantras. I gladly read your response.


Images: Pixabay, Goodfun and Pexels


The benefit with a self made mantra is that you actually meditating about that that you want to meditate about. That's a good thing!

Good advice. For that reason I think that group meditations can be precarious when we don't really now the people within the group.

I approve of this self-made mantra, from the beginning all mantra was self-made!

Yes, making our own ones is most effective.

How did you find purpose?

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Who says that I found it? :)

There is no real purpose to search for from my experience. If at all then deeper purpose finds us, not we it. And that of course might vary for each person depending on certain life experiences, that shaped us. But it can also be "suddenly" arising irrefutable internal clarity that if we continue with a certain behavior then certain things will happen, therefore forcing us to change for the better. Either way, if we then take the step and set the intention to be able to look at painful past experiences from a perspective that they happened for us instead of against us, then Soul healing can occur. And with that healing of self and the consequent return to our authenticity we realise that in this way we are most naturally contributing best healing to others. Helping others in their own healing then becomes a quite logical inherent deeper purpose, and I guess that applies to everyone.

Also, thanks again for your curation credit :)

In overload, seek to replenish the the freshness within. In tiredness be sure to stoke the fire 🔥

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Yes, overload gradually lowers our experiential joy threshold. Often this goes unnoticed for ourselves, because we actually still feel the joy to our best capability, but haven't remembered yet that our ability to feel and experience deeper can be rekindled.

We can literally presence infinity if we give ourselves the chance. It's Mr. Ego that gets in the way demanding attention. I swear, it's like a hungry baby hahaha.

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