Abundance has always been within us

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The best we can do when something we think will bring us life happiness doesn't manifest despite committing to our inner work, is to not feel resentful for our wish not being reciprocated and instead take a moment to silently express gratitude for your Soul knowing better and won't letting us manifest something that doesn’t unleash our highest potential of self-expression irrespective of how much force we apply to make it happen.

Manifestation from the soul is much more intelligent and fulfilling than anything forcefully tried to make happen by the conscious mind. The issue is only that we don‘t trust the intelligence behind our soul, especially when the mind is disconnected from our heart.

The way we view ourselves when too much in our head just doesn’t match with who we really are from the heart.

Making the silencing of our mind a priority is what will reconnect heart and mind. If done so with consistency, the day will come that we recognize why it was so good that our former desire didn't manifest, as the universe has always had something much greater in store for us, something that our worried mind couldn‘t possibly fathom without heart connection.

No matter how wonderful a thought or idea appears to be on the surface, if heart and mind are disconnected the feeling we have most likely derives from anything but not inherent passion. We will follow an enticing promise our mind projects, eventually turning out as a hoax.

Hoaxing ourselves into believing that the achievement could create us a joy that we would otherwise not be able to feel.

Shifting into our heart space doesn‘t primarily mean we finally start creating from the heart.

Shifting into our heart space primarily means we finally realise that everything our heart wants has already been part of our life but we could never see it because the distorted image we held about ourselves distracted our focus of perception elsewhere.

The abundance has always been within us in form of the ability to feel joy in everything. An aspect of our nature that never got lost, just befogged because at some point our outward focus made us beLIEve that abundance is something to be absorbed from the outside and that we only deserve it after walking the hard way.

The joy we seek isn’t something that is yet to be created. It is available to be accessed at any time just by us shifting our attention from without to within.

From hard to heart.


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