A Cornucopia of Goodness: Natural Medicine's Challenge Now Open

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All the same LOTUS lovin', and the same welcome - but on a far more decentralised, ethical and blossoming blockchain!

Much love!


My favorite most often used home remedy comes to mind! Glad to have an idea to post. I will write it soon!

Excellent, @richardcrill! So pleased you are entering.

Oh - I LOVE this!! If we have more than one remedy, is it OK to create separate posts over several days (so we can optimize our income) and also broaden the competition's reach? GREAT idea. I see an ebook in @naturalmedicine's future!! For sale via steemshop to add to NM's VP. :)

I think this is a good idea - and most welcome!!! You can write one every day, of course! Last time @porters wrote two. And goodness - I love the idea of an e-book! What a good idea!

Awesome. I shall try to make them general enough that you don't need to live in a Thai jungle to use them. :)

To be honest, if you lived in a Thai jungle, they'd be easy enough to find and use, so go for it...

I think this is an awesome idea!!!!!! Amazing!!!

Great. Can’t believe my idea got up.

This is a really important aspect of Folk Medicine, and Folk Medicine is important as it has laid the foundation of medicinal systems East and West.

The important thing is to also do the research and understanding how and why Folk Medicine works, and why it doesn’t.

The development of research in Chinese Medicine over the last 2000 years can be seen as the attempt to understand why a ‘home remedy’ works marvellously well for some, and not for others. The entire paradigm of scientific understanding is built on this knowledge idea, which is very different to what we are used to in the West.

I’ll have a think about some of the ones I have lying around and post... but you’ve also given me an idea for an essay on Folk Medicine.

When do we need to get this in by? 😉

Two weeks, so the final curation will be put together around the end of the first week in September. As per the last time, there will be a reminder at the first week mark. Your idea was a fabulous one, and we really want to work as a collective, so we value your input very much! Can't wait to read your essay!

Don't exactly have a remedy to share just yet, but love that you use the word "cornucopia". I live in a house called Cornucopia--it is a nucleo community house at Damanhur. Here is a little glimpse into our world:
Our House
Dancing during this year's annual party
The family laughing about the party the morning after

Great family, right?! :)

Well amazing comma a house called cornucopia. I will go and read those posts soon. I do hope you come up with a remedy to celebrate. It doesn't have to be a homemade one it might be an essential oil that you use all the time or a herbal ointment or cream

I actually use essential oils every day. I use them pretty much for everything! I use them to clean my house (a few drops of orange or lemongrass in water with some vinegar is fantastic!), connect with certain frequencies (a little more on the spiritual side), keep the bugs away (my trusty mosquito mix), and get rid of headaches (a few drops of eucalyptus on a homemade rice heat pack). I use them, but I don't really make anything special with it. The people in my house do, though. One makes an amazing calendula salve, but I don't know her recipe.

Will definitely be following the medicine challenge, as I love all these types of remedies. :)

You don't have to make anything special... this is EXACTLY what you can write about!!! The cornucopia most DEFINITELY needs this kind of knowledge! And boy would I love to know abput that salve... my Nana used to make one... but apparently she used lard! Ew!!! We are quite low on essential oil what-to-do-withs so this would be PERFECT!!!!

I did it, I wrote something. You can find it here. I hope you like it!

I did it, I wrote
Something. You can find it here.
I hope you like it!

                 - yvesoler

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Cannot wait to see what this brings to the table! Resteemed!

A Cornucopia of goodness that's what it's going to bring to the table. Cornucopia all over the table.. yay

@naturalmedicine you are coming up with some brilliant ideas! It'll be so helpful for each of us to grow our own home remedies through each other. Hopefully not everyone has swallowed a dictionary in order to do so...cornu-what!? How old people cope with the things that grow on their feet ;) Seriously though, that is a great description

Well haha I do love a crazy word. I was thinking about Mum's with children and I thought I'd be fantastic post for someone to write about the kind of natural remedies they used for the kids. Just a thought. Can't wait to see your entry. I thought of you today as I bought some more leucadendrons for the garden.

Leu.....what? Umm, maybe our countries aren't too similar after all? Is that a word? Is that an English word? We probably have another name for it. Like baby marrows instead of zucchini and rocket instead of arugula. My husband keeps suggesting I write about natural child raising...so OKAAAAAAY you've convinced me @riverflows ;)

They are a south african plant, @buckaroo!



Oh yes. Fynbos (is the Afrikaans word although I'm not sure of that specific variety). They grow wild and en masse here! Along with the Proteas. Beautiful and blooming this time of year

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Fabulous! We are very honoured.

fantastic idea, I have something I wish to share xxx

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