Next time you know you need to use @esteemapp... =) and don't try to use '#' on the tags... you can still use them on the posts... like for example I am using now on this comment: #esteemapp, but while filling up the tags, because the fields there are already prepared for such, you don't need to use the '#'.

New to STEEM?
Not really... ok.. just checked. LOL

Thanks for the tips @forykw unfortunately a little late.... using multiple different interfaces it gets a bit confusing after a while but you learn from your mistakes I guess.

New to STEEM? - I've returned from a long holiday you could say... I joined steem in early 2016 from memory. how about yourself? I've been off steem for a year and I haven't read the rules in quite some time with the whitepaper and fork changes? is it still something along the lines of. Don't upvote a post after 7 days? and wait 15 minutes before you upvote?

Any other tips I would be much appreciate of learning from the community is much easier than reading a lengthy whitepaper.

I had an interest in Natural Medicine so I've decided to venture over here and see if I can write some good content and put my heart and soul into it.

@forykw yes bit of fear-mongering in the collective community it's everywhere it seems people are freaking out and we had a little shortage of a toilet paper incident people are literally shitting themselves you could say.

I think I might touch base with the whitepaper again so I'm on point, otherwise, I might just go along and learn from my mistakes until someone points out I'm doing it wrong. Yes that I kind of grasp what you just said about the downvote pool and increase in SBD from the payout.

Yes, I think I arrived back on steem maybe only a few day before the drama. I've been in some discord channels and I can see what's happening so once again I take my hat off for the ones who have taken certain measures so we can hope that the chain upholds its integrity with ol ned's ninja mine stake he created. I'm wondering if we will ever hear of the figure that Ned sold STEEMIT for??

as for crypto cards, I was an early investor into the steem monster cards but I didn't heavily invest like some of the guys I know. From memory o07 gifted me Alpha Gold Frost Giant. And I think there is maybe only under 30 of these cards in the game? So I guess it holds it's weight. I think @clove71 gifted me a cryptofighter card a while back I still have that in my possession. I've seen those baseball crypto ones also back in the day.

I will check out what you mean by crypto cards in your posts and if you are speaking specifically on the Steem Monster cards

LOL... I also play splinterlands yes... but I was really referring to Credit/Debit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, etc) that facilitate interactions/movement of cryptocurrency.

I know they are far from what would be a real Crypto card... but I call them that anyway.

You may want to check too (from @gerber), if you have time (too much nowdays).

Haha oh makes sense now haha crypto cards. You sound like you got the knowledge. What do you suggest for an Aussie like myself? or are these visa/crpyto cards for the USA only?

I think I did read a post about steemcity last week I'll check it out again I like the homepage look @greber so we all just buying up a bit of real estate now on the steemcity?

@forykw how's your splinterlands saga going? I sold quite a few alpha cards the other week and bots jumped on them instantly so they must be worth a bit.. prices seem rather low these days for what they are worth aggroed and yabapmatt seem like they keep pumping out cards like no tomorrow. I think I was last around when beta was released and the rewards cards now so much new stuff I can't keep up will need a refresher.

still contemplating if I should join a guild and what / how I would benefit from being in that guild but i'll read more into that.

For AUS users, the best in my view would be the you get 50 USD by staking for 6 months ~250 USD in MCO (50 MCO minimum) token (using a referral) plus 6% stake interest and you can order the card for free. But beware you have 14 days to stake, otherwise no bonus (they are not stupid). Then you have a ton of stuff in-app and the cards give you cashback on VISA purchases deposited in MCO token worth.

I have been using it for almost 6 months now... daily. Quite happy!

On splinterlands I have been a bit quiet for now. Too busy on real life. I usually play it during dead times when you have to hold the baby or crap in the toilet LOL...

stuff that usually does not allow you to move and there is not much more to do or watch...

Prices went a bit down yep... not sure if because of the new cards or because there is a huge amount of new users that probably just sell the cards to get some $$$... or bots, or maybe people got a bit "disinterested" with all this latest happenings.

I will keep playing, especially because I am almost reaching Diamond... just need a few more upgrades. I kept playing HearthStone for years... so the same will happen here.

misstyped @gerber username... my bad. Its gerber and not greber LOL


looks interesting. Your crime rate seems a little hire. haha what's that about

I see you can also earn steem a week? for owning a little city is that right? I'll read some documentation on it later. Or do they have that little cartoon viking dude who explains it in audio (forget the name)

LOL... viking!

Yes.. there is a ranking board (by population) and every week there's a snapshot and then STEEM distribution (around sometime on my Saturday time, NZ time). 50% of all the STEEM that is paid into cards and from posts goes to the pool, then every week 10% gets distributed via that ranking to the top 100 players.

Its due to the number of population in my case... the higher it gets the more you need to fight it. Max is 80%. You need police, gym or cinema to reduce the crime rate.

Yes! I still have like a few hundred cryptofighters I think LOL!! I hate the Ethereum blockchain, it's so slow and so expensive to battle!

Hopefully, you found your way into that... COVID will likely make your life "a more active" one probably, and unfortunately for all the affected by them.

Here, on STEEM, basic stuff did not change much... from a year ago. Still, around the lines you said, but now there's a downvote pool (for free downvotes up to exhausting that pool you start consuming from the normal pool), you have a different rewarding curve... basically, only after something like 10SBD, you start having your full vote power.

For example, I have voted your comment 100%, which only gave around 0.049 SDB, if it would reach 10SBD in value, my vote would grow up to around 0.1 SBD. Not something to be worried about for small fish like us... but if you have a vote of 10$, then you tend to be looking at this kind of stuff of course.

You might have found some huge drama recently because of Justin (owner of Tron and Polo) that bought Steemit inc from Ned. Huge stuff... Many posts are rubist.. but the idea is clear almost everywhere... and we need to stabilize the chain. So, first of all, thanks for being voting on 30 witnesses. If there are people you can influence to vote up, please do that. Would help the community.

For last, and more like a bummer... I have been exploring crypto cards for more than 2 years. If that's something that would interest you, give a check on the ones I am using (usually on the end of my posts). Any questions, just shoot.

Nice to have early adopters back. I have just started in 2017 but because I was also like in a sort of "busy time" in life as you have been. I am around crypto since 2013.

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Sooooo happy to be away from the whole christian-easter "thing" - def nothing I miss in Asia. Home made hot cross buns? Always good, crosses optional. :)

REAL bun spices? why spoil them in a bun when you can make CHAI !! :) LOL...

Keep up the great posts, blogging, photographs, vlogging & inspiration.

With Love From ecoTrain

@artemislives hello again, unfortunately here in Australia many of us celebrate with a long weekend having a chew on the ear of the easter bunny or a typical snag on the barbie. I know in the schooling system they are heavily indoctrinated with those religious tales.