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RE: Baking Soda for Brushing Your Teeth - Short Update After 6 Months Of Use: It's Awesome!


Sure! If you will allow me to give you the same answer I gave on Hive where someone asked about the very same thing as well.

"From the information I have baking soda will be rounded off meaning it becomes softer as it gets into contact with water. You can use the so-called rda values (Relative dentin abrasivity) to determine how much any given substance will "grind" at your enamel.
Considering that most commercially availabe toothpastes have enormously high values (depending on the product ranging from 80-180 or so) compared to wet baking soda (RDA value around 7 or so) I really do not see a problem, nor have I experienced one.
There is also something to be said about brushing teeth after they have been "weakened" by acids, you may want to wait until you do. You could also try using a softer brush or mixing the baking soda with other things that make it even softer or more palatable.

Hope this helps <3"

Thanks for your question


helped more than I expected. as soon as my bathroom will be free, I will check rda value of my current toothpaste. Hope that it is possible to find this information on the product