Growing Moringa in Europe ( Moringa Oleifera- The Miracle Tree ) EXCEPTIONAL NUTRITIONAL VALUE FOR VEGANS!

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Hello Steem Fam!

Today I want to share some photos of my Moringa Tree and information on growing these incredible trees as a few people here have been surprised to hear I am doing this in Europe. ( southern Spain)
Moringa is packed with nutrients and health benefits. It is high in iron, vitamin A and C, potassium, calcium and protein.


It fights liver disease, is a great anti inflammatory, supports brain health, balances hormones, aids digestion, improves mood. It treats allergies, asthma, rheumatism, joint pain, chronic headaches, fluid retention and low sex drive. This is not all it treats and I would urge you if you are not familiar with Moringa to do your own research on the complete list of benefits it offers.

From the first time I heard of Moringa and it’s amazing health benefits some years ago now I immediately had the desire to grow my own. I had seen them growing in India so wasn’t sure if I could grow in Europe successfully but I went ahead and searched for seeds to buy online and was delighted to find them easily on eBay. I had to wait patiently to plant them as I received them in early winter time and read that if they were to stand a chance I would have to wait for early spring before planting them.


Come the day of planting I was so excited and much to my delight they popped out of the soil within about 8 to 10 days strong and sure and giving me the feeling that this was an unstoppable tree. The seedlings grew fast and within a few months were popping out flowers, the smell of which was so delicate and fragrant, it just added a whole new depth of gratitude for this tree that was as I had learned a powerhouse of nutrition and medicine. The flowers, like the leaves and pods of this tree are edible. When cooked they take on a texture and flavour rather like mushrooms. The pods that form from the flowers are best eaten young and taste very similar to asparagus. The leaves are great eaten raw added to salads and as garnish. Most people know moringa leaf powder as a health product but for me fresh leaves are far more exciting and delicious as a health supplement.


I have discovered that if I grow them in my politunnel I can keep them green, happy and growing all year round whereas if I grow them outdoors they tend to find it too cool for a few months in the winter but regrow happily nonetheless with each spring.

Just today I found new flowers developing on the tree in my politunnel which is great for November. The pods if not eaten when small can be grown on to collect seeds from. I leave them to get as fat as possible in the tree before removing the fattened pods for drying and seed collection.


Moringa has been referred to as THE MIRACLE TREE with good reason. I hope you are inspired to grow some yourself. Even on your patio or balcony in a pot, Moringa is easy and rewarding to grow.

Have a beautiful day 🌴

🦋Namaste 🦋


Wow how cool! I hadn't even heard of this plant before so thank you for the great info :) how awesome that you can just eat the leaves fresh and the flowers are like mushrooms! I would love to try it. So great to see you growing and eating your own, it is so beneficial to have a connection to our food! One day I will grow lots of my own :) great post

Thank you so much for your great comment - definitely nothing beats growing your own 😍💚

Buenas noches mi amiga @sallybeth23 deseo que se encuentre bien usted y familia y sus plantas amiga , aquí en mi isla le decimos también a la moringa la planta milagrosa ya que hay muchas personas que la utilizan para cualquier enfermedad, ya que en nuestro país hay escasez de medicamentos y muchos niños y adultos mueren y el gobierno no hace nada porque lo único que le importa es mantenerse en el poder amiga.

This is so interesting! I only heard of Moringa as a powder this year and really felt the benefits of adding it to a morning smoothie... but would love to grow my own tree. We have just moved to Southern Spain and will be growing our own veggies and inherited mature olive, almond and citrus trees. Time to go looking for seeds! Thank you @sallybeth23 :)

Wow another Sally at another off grid homestead in southern Spain! What a funny coincidence. I will be happy to send you some moringa seeds. are you on discord?

I love the synchronicity of Sallys in Spain :) I'm just trying to figure out discord @sallybeth23 ... but I'm getting there! And that's so kind of you to offer to send some seeds... I would love that thank you! I'll come and find you in discord soon!

You're based now in Spain @sallybeth23?


Dunno why my photos arent upped😂🤣

Hi Lola 🤗 I am just visiting for a few months. I love your mornings flowers 😍

Should be a nice weather in Spain.
That is edible...moringa, great for the immune system. Brought a lil branch in london, it didnt thrived🤣

Yes it’s edible, delicious pods, leaves for salads and flowers edible too. Shame yours didn’t thrive in !ondon , I could send you a few seeds when you are back there if you want_ a sunny windowsill in the spring could work 😉

Oh will you? Let me try to dry some seeds while am in the Philipoines. I have seen the fruits or (pods?) being sold in the african community there in was seen eating the seeds too. Perhaps i can use those?
We believe that a branch is easier as that's what we do here.
I have seen a grown banana tree somewhere in Hackney..perhaps a moringa tree is also possible?

That’s a good idea. Yes I do think it’s possible, that would be awesome. I hope you are having a great time in the Philippines 🤗❤️🦋🌴🌈💛🍀

Haha you too! Let me try that and we'll see. Be well.

Thank you for enlightening me on the wonderful Moringa tree @sallybeth23! Amazing seed pods.
What an endless list of health benefits, and used in cooking too! It was interesting to read your history with it and awesome to know that it grows so well here in Spain... sounds like I need to get planting a tree of my own!

Great informational post - upvoted & resteemed!

Thank you so much for your awesome thoughtful comment - always a peasure to hear from you! Do grow some Moringa, you won’t be disappointed, 😉🦋🌴🌈💛🍀

No he escuchado nada de ese árbol antes. Parece que no hay esos en Andalucía, donde vivía yo. Echo mucho de menos los madrdoños en el sur. No sé si eran muy saludables, pero tenían buen sabor.

Ahhhh thanks for the reminder to try growing these amazing trees again! I had a few growing in pots in my greenhouse, but they ended up dying. It was a mistake to grow them in pots, I should have planted them in the ground. Next spring I shall try again!

I have had them be successful and survive in pots too. Better in the ground though.

I was hoping for this post to come! :) Thank you for all the information, dear Sallybeth. I'm sure that after your promotion many people will start growing the trees :)

Thanks so much Martins I hope more people grow them - to hear they have more protein than eggs ( sorry for the non vegan reference but fascinating no less ) and more calcium than milk - makes it ian nvaluable source of nutrition for vegans 🍀❤️🦋🌈🌴

Interesting. Is it related to Acacia?

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