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Tribes are starting to pick up even with the low price of steem more and more sites are now being built on the SCOT side chain around all sorts of interests. There has been a big movement towards going organic in the way we eat and treat all sorts of ailments.

Factory farming and big pharma have made us lazy and we've forgotten some of the natural ways of doing things. Which is why natural knowledge needs to be shared more fequently online.

An idea a new tribe has in mind.

Natures calling

Natural is described as a tribe for the Natural Products community with a unique approach to content and community.

If you love going organic and want to share your tips around herbs or natural medicine, cures or grannys recipe then Natural is the tribe for you.

Share your garden, planting tips or plans you have to grow your own produce. All green thumbs are welcome in the Natural tribe.

You can visit their official site or access it via Steempeak


i like your coolness

Thanks 😁

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I love natural products, so much so that I delegated 1,000 SP to the project. It’s a solid tribe with support and backing from the community at large. Butttttt have you heard of steem power investments ?? The SPI token on steem-engine has some serious utility and is backed by exactly 1 SP. this project has a chance to reallllllly change the game and has quickly grown in less than 3 months from 0 to more than 40,000 tokens being sold (currently each token is worth 1.15 STEEM). You can see on my page that I resteem a lot of their posts, check spinvest out if you’re fancied by this investment opportunity 😜😎😉

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Thanks for the info, Quite busy this days, will look it up soon. How's everything?

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I can tell you are :,) everything is good just same old with balancing work, school, steem, and ~life~

How’re you lovely ?

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Thank you for promoting @naturalproducts tribe. We look forward to your next post about natural products.

Here's fresh 💙

!BEER ♩♬♬

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Hi purepinay. I am a long time followers of you. I left a comment about your recommodation of nice places at not touristy in the phillipines. Unfortunately you dont respond to me. I hope you can do it now. What is your recommandation of nice places in the Philippines where are not touristy to much? I hope you can help me.

Hi there! Sorry, Quite busy this days. Where do you specifically want to go, the beach or the mountain side? I think it's better to visit during not tourist season which is from June to December.

I would recommend Palawan if you're after the beach.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. I will let you know where I will go...

You're welcome! Let me know if happen to visit Cebu too and if am available, we can grab some lunch

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Okey If I go to Cebu I will let you know.

Looking forward to reading your next post 👍

Thanks ☺ will be posting this week

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