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RE: I never get tired of watching video clips of wildlife

in #nature4 years ago

that great sir your are also interested in wildlife video and photography!
you have bear, wolves , mountain lion and coyotes that great sir enjoy you best moment in life....


Thank you! I am hoping to capture other animals on my game camera. Moose have been spotted behind my place and my son-in-law sent me a photo of a bear paw print

you are great you so much

can i see your bear who sent bu your son and law?

It is a paw print of a bear. It was in their yard which is right behind my place.

20180130_145518 (1).jpeg

The print on the left is my son-in-laws footprint, and the bear paw print on right. It is not the clearest but you should be able to make it out.

glad to see the bear paw print and son in law footprint it much closer..... i think sir you are more interested in flower and wildlife too?

fabulous one....I likes your post.
thanks for sharing