I love that butterfly on the white flower @adrianobalan. The contrast is wonderful.

Ottime informazioni, abbinate a quella meravigliosa fotografia macro di lavoro, vediamo ogni dettaglio che se non fosse per il tuo lavoro, li ho visti come delle belle farfalle, soprattutto perché i miei occhiali non aiutano, hahaha, ma vedendo le tue foto li dettaglio e impressiona come ti ho detto in altre occasioni, vedi quelli pelosi che sono, e belli, saluti @adrianobalan

Oh my so perfectly shot! Thank you for a well written info on these insects..

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When we hear the word butterflies, firstly the picture of the color-shaped insects in our head was flashed.
The uncomfortable mind multiplied -
"Butterfly, butterfly,
Where did you find such a colorful fan brother?
Twilight red sparkling blue sparkles
Where did you find such a colorful fan brother?"

The fact is that the butterfly means color. A variety of colors and designs. Butterfly photography is very beautiful. Fresh and natural photography. I liked it.

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