Some people have an incredible eye for these levels of detail. A lot is timing and the other half patients.

La fotografia astratta può produrre immagini molto spettacolari. Si basa sul senso più primitivo della forma, del colore e delle curve piuttosto che dei dettagli, quando hai fatto gli scatti con la tecnica macro, sempre valorizzando l'oggetto sia vegetale che animale, è una fotografia astratta piena di colori senza forme definite, ho sempre ammirato la tecnica astratta. E poiché arrivo al tuo blog, amo tutte le tue opere d'arte, colgo l'occasione per inviarti un saluto. @adrianobalan

@adrianobalan sir!
Every object had its own shape and texture, on which we identify it. In the same way some photography is also such that it is formless but still the proper viewer from different views of the viewer. It depends on the mind from the viewer's imagination, how we see it. Many people think of your abstract photo graphy as a painting. Many people think of trees as forest trees. And we see beautiful photography as the abstract form of nature.

molto interessante la spiegazione del termine astratto in fotografia, in arte assume un valore concettuale talvolta veicolato dalle tecniche e dall'esecuzione del soggetto, ma in fotografia conta molto la capacità di cogliere dei particolari di un oggetto/soggetto fino a renderli irriconoscibili. Un cambio di modalità che non avevo considerato.
Comunque oggi non riesco a trovare la mia preferita, sono tutte molto intriganti.

I like the first one especially @adrianobalan. It really does look like a painting. 😊

I've done a little of intentional camera movement in bluebell woods and you have inspired me be experimental in different light and weather conditions. Most of these I have seen have been in wooded areas, but I wonder what other subjects may work?

Lovely images, well done

모든 물체에는 고유 한 모양과 질감이 있었고, 우리는 그것을 식별합니다. 같은 방식으로 어떤 사진은 또한 형태가 없지만 여전히 뷰어의 다른 관점에서 적절한 뷰어입니다. 그것은 관객의 상상력에서 우리가 어떻게 볼 수 있느냐에 달려 있습니다. 많은 사람들이 추상 사진 그래픽을 그림으로 생각합니다. 많은 사람들이 나무를 숲 나무라고 생각합니다. 그리고 우리는 추상적 인 형태의 자연으로 아름다운 사진을 보았습니다.

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I do like all of these photos a lot, because I have tried to do such shots myself a while ago and failed :(
So, @adrianobalan, you have done a fine job and made me willing to try it once again :)

All images were excellent but I liked the third image, it's amazing how something so simple can be transformed into a wonderful shot .. Success for you!

This is a new kind of photography to me. The second one attract me most.

Congratulations @adrianobalan!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

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I admire you! I wanted to have my paintings a look like yours but it isnt beautiful as this!

Very impressive! How do you manage to do it?Long exposure and a little movment with the camera?
Congratulations for the photos

colorful nice photography

I like it.

I really like your work. I especially like the third one, it is the darker, but I like it the most.

The top photo is my fav in this group. The colors are lovely with just the right amount of static focus. I've done a little of this type ICM photos, but haven't been out in a long time. Nice grouping of ICM photos.

yeah abstract create the curiosity, first glance one the first photo i was thinking what's tat ? on closely look then i notice it could be tree trunks.

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Hello @adrianobalan, nice to meet you again. how is your health news? I hope you are healthy today.

today you are presenting abstract abstracts. previously I did not know how abstract photography happened. by looking at the photo you are displaying I can find out.

and it is true that you say that photography is usually done, can be identified immediately the person who saw it. but I saw this abstract photo instead. I can't identify. and I see that there are unique features of abstract photos. this seems interesting.