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RE: Der Augarten in Wien // The Augarten Park in Vienna

in #naturelast year

My undergraduate specialty was history. My graduate certification is in the humanities. Your essays always encompass the spirit of both specialties: a seamless integration of experience.

I love especially the different characters enjoying open spaces in the park--the human getting exercise, the bird looking for dinner, the dogs just being dogs.

A lovely break for me to relax at your blog--I scrolled though it a few days ago, but did not give a thoughtful reading. Always a treat.

Have a wonderful week in lovely Vienna,

Warm regards,


Dear @agmoore,

Out of interest, I would also choose a humanities discipline today. I studied business education and I have a lot to do with numbers professionally. My interest in history and art is a wonderful balance to this rather "dry" issue.

I don't have my own garden, so I appreciate a lot the green spaces in the city like the Augarten Park. I visited this park at different times of the day. It's always different. I could spend hours watching people and animals there or just enjoying nature.

Thanks for your kind words. 🌻 Have a nice week, too,

Warm regards,

You are a humanist, in heart and in spirit--no formal course of study required 🎨 What an eye you have for beauty.

I wish I was better at numbers, and business. Navigating life would have been so much easier 😇

Warm regards from rainy New York

You're so kind, thank you so much! 🌷 I can actually be very enthusiastic about beautiful things. On the way to the subway I always make a detour to pass a small park with a beautiful church. The impressive architecture or the colorful leaves in the park can often lift my spirits despite the cloudy sky. 🎈

Warm regards to you across the big pond,

🌞 🐥 🐇🐌 🐛
Wishing you beautiful sights on your walk today.
Affectionately, from autumnal Long Island,

Thank you, have a wonderful day with many moments of happiness! 🌻 🌷 🌞 🌼 🌹

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