Seumadu Island, Tourist Attractions in North Aceh

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North Aceh has beautiful tourist attractions because the picture attached below is a great place to enjoy a variety of interesting entertainment from visitors to Seumadu Island, a few days ago we visited this place and we have witnessed this place firsthand. used for wedding reception photos or praweding photos for romantic couples this place has a small island and visitors can feel the comfort of their family and this place is called Seumadu Island, a tourist spot in North Aceh


Paddle boats are specifically rented for visitors who come to visit this place, this place is perfect for lovers of the universe with the color of the green sea water and the seafront there are green leaves and there is a resting place and all the food needs. also available in this beautiful place



On the seafront there are beautiful trees and resting places such as umbrella tables and thatch that have been provided and feel pleasure and comfort for tourists who come to visit this place.






Here are the choices we can collect for posting tourist attractions in North Aceh.

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