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Here, I am now initiating simple social manifesto –“one space, one plant”.

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Botanical parks and spaces are commonly placed in residential and commercial areas in the effort of minimising the impact of a massive and rapid development of cities. However, the low level of awareness towards the application of architectural spatial experience has led to the lack of usage of inspirational vegetation spaces in buildings and environment within the inner city of Kuala Lumpur. My vision aims to optimize the visibility of human acquaintances to the visual field (isovist) of the vegetation spaces from one confined personal space to the commercial district of the dense concrete jungle within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

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Urban botanical thoughts started when I have discovered that lack of green luxury awareness was the very basic fundamental problem in our society for having none initiatives for green life organic plants. We simply think that having green plant is messy and required much efforts to maintain. As a saying goes “Green Plant doesn’t need us, but we need Green Plant”. It is definitely true despite many denial debate has been imposed to our mother nature. Human races can be wiped out from earth yet Mother Nature will continue to exist.

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Here, I am now will initiate a simple social manifesto –“one space, one plant”.

Imagined our single confined enclosed is not liveable for any green plant. Non-breathable, dark and dry as no source of water. Similar to us, as livable human, could we live? No excuses should be made upon. Regarding Light or Sun, light could be artificially introduced by cheap LED (Light Emitting Diode). Water sources too.Imagined the intangible impromptu meditation technique that inevitably arrived from green plant. Involuntary and subconsciously would be felt by us. Now, let’s make more green plant babies in our small confined space and watch it magic. I'll be sharing the completed detail of my Botanical Gallery Architectural Design in the next following post. What do guys think?

My relevance writings: http://mirulhakimjamil.wixsite.com/portfolio/writing
Self-Introduction: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@amirulhakimjamil/hi-there-im-amirul-i-m-an-architect-a-sociologist
Much appreciated to @kimzwarch @archisteem and @teammalaysia for showing me guidances. #archisteem


Hey bro, you can use my initiated tag #archisteem. That I could help to get you more exposure too!

Hi there brother Kim!!!.... thank you very much... and much to learn for this platform...

Welcome onboard! Minimum care potted plants... maybe I should relook into this sometime in the future... I am no green finger and my record is that a cactus died on me...

yeay hi there @elizacheng heartwarming welcome... Im using water container technique so that my routine only make up watering plant once a week..

Is it easy to setup? Maybe can do project with my girls.

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I missed your first post, but this. :)

welcome to steemit and I love what you are doing!!! :)
and because of your post, I found out about archisteem which is one of my interest :)

start following you now :)

such warm reply made by you... im going te check out your posting!! keep in touch

Welcome to Steem @amirulhakimjamil.

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All the Best!!!

Brilliant! I love this initiative!! I hope you do come on the teh tarik show one of these Sundays to talk about this!

If you haven't heard, then approach @zord189 or @branlee87 in teammalaysia and ask about teh tarik Sundays show!

Much appreciated @kchitrah I can't make it shortly... maybe someday!!... its really interesting that our teammalaysia take it to intimate approach by meeting everyone.. such humanistic value is being promoted.. lovely..

Indeed. Hope to catch you in TTS one of these days.

As a fellow figure in the realm of architecture, I support you in your endeavors! Very interesting how we gain inspiration from the forms of nature time and time again for inspiration in our conceptual design. Looking forward to your future posts!

Hi there!!! thank you !! I saw that from your posting, you're currently in your 5th year in the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University.. keep in touch!!

Dear @amirulhakimjamil,

Thank you for supporting our tag #archisteem. For your information, we are currently running the project – 1001 Places to Remember. Do drop by and take a look :)

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Hey @amirulhakimjamil, great to see a fellow architect joining steemit. Great post and well said too.

will do will do... affirmatively... high effort in curating architecture works!! @archisteem

Considering getting yourself involve with @archisteem in the background?

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looking forward for your next post. im sure you do inspire us especially in architecture and south east nature...