Mango Season in Thailand !!

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I visited a friend last week who lives just out of Bangkok city her family owns a few acres of farm land were as they not only grow rice but also grow mangoes they have over 100 trees of a few varieties of mangoes that they are growing on there property.

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Thailand has about 60 varieties of mangoes , sweet and sour , sour and real sweet mangoes and they are all used for a different purpose as with desserts or in cooking recipes. I had never seen so many mango trees in one place this looked amazing with literally thousands of mangoes hanging of trees here at this farm.

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And you want to know the sad part with this covid-19 all the markets and supermarkets been closed these poor old farmers have not been able to sell there mangoes this season so they are all going to waste such a waste and a shame and no government assistance to these poor farmers. One good thing i was given a whole box full of mangoes to take home with me so some didn't go to waste , i really hope things get back to normal real soon for everyone. Stay safe and healthy you all :)

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So good 👍

Thank you your welcome to join me :)

Very kind of you. Enjoy the fresh fruits, much needed with all the surreal stuff happening across the globe 🙏

Wow! Very juicy fruits!! Let’s have some!!

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