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RE: Living in Luxury Off the Grid - Bird Brained Gangsta Life

in #nature4 years ago

Another firm example of 'the law of unintended consequence'. That's funny.

We get migratory flickers in the fall and spring here. I heard one drumming yesterday (thankfully not on my house). I have seen flocks of flickers that would darken the sky in your part of the world, I can imagine the noise factor.

My dog rightly thinks white wing doves are the enemy. It's breeding season and the symphony is pretty brutal. Coo coo coo is nice when there is one, but hundreds? Not so much.

Thanks for a wonderful story.


I can only imagine. The doves don't really stop with the noise do they? Other birds tend to call for specific reasons but if I understand it, doves just like to hear themselves talk. I really appreciate that by the time the birds get up here they've mostly scattered and have broken off along the way from the huge migratory flocks.

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