World of furry grass

in #nature3 years ago (edited)

Macro lens turns the meadow by the house to an endless world populated with inconceivable creations.



Lovely shot of the furry grass with his little leggy companion!

Lovely shot of the
Furry grass with his little
Leggy companion!

                 - missysheshe86

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

At first, I thought it grasshopper carrying a spider, lol

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Thanks guys for your support!

this is super beautiful ! a world unseen ! so tiny and so strange like an entirely alien landscape with alien creatures but they are everywhere around us * ___ * the colours are amazing and the definition is really wonderful.... !!

Thank You! I was amused myself photographing this transparent spider!

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This is a cool shot. I need to get my macro out more often.