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RE: Yosemite's First Aventure Sportsman, Part I

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Growing up in California, Muir is a hero of mine as well, and along with Thoreau and Emerson, one of my favorite writers of the period.

We owe him a debt far greater than could ever have been repaid. What an amazing mind and spirit!

Muir Woods is a favorite spot of mine, one of the loveliest of the coast redwood groves, which we would likely have lost had it not been for his tireless efforts.

Indeed, had it not been for Muir, we might not have any remaining redwoods at all.

I'll make it a point to seek out Free Solo. Sounds like something my husband and I will love, and as he's from Poland, a great way to introduce him to the wonders of Yosemite.

Thanks for this post, and your recommendation.

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Yes, definitely try out that movie! The scenic wonders of California span from coast to mountains and from Oregon to Mexico. I'm glad people have spared a few good spots for nature.

Yeah, somewhere around I still have a VHS film of California from the air, which covers the most beautiful places along the coastline and across the whole state. Amazing film.

That might also have been put out by National Geographic.

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