Daily Nature Fix: Volcanic Mud Pots in Action. (Original Photos)

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   Good evening fellow nature fans.  Tonight's Daily Nature Fix is going to be about my favorite of geothermal features:  Mud Pots.  Mud pots are basically hot springs that have such a low water content that they're filled with mud, rather than being a pool of water.  However, as steam comes up from the ground, it causes the mud to plop and bubble around. It's a real hoot.  Heres some photos:

^^^This mud pot (along with several from this post) is found in Yellowstone National Park.  One of the coolest things about mud parts are the variety in colors of the mud.  Based on the mineral content of the soil, they can be all sorts of different colors.  

^^^Here's another from Yellowstone.  This one may be my favorite.  The mud was much thicker, almost like a very thin clay. It actually made "plop" sounds when the bubbles would happen.  As you can see, this one was an off-white color.

^^^Same mud pot, but with an especially good bubble popping.

^^^Here's the "Blue Mud Steam Vent" in Yellowstone.  It's was pretty black looking to me, but you could see a bit of a blueish gray hue.  If you want to see blue mud though, checking out this next one that I'll finish with.

^^^This is a mud pot in the Hverir geothermal are of northern Iceland.  Check out that cool looking splash, by the way! Now, the mud was definitely blue, but not QUITE as blue as it looks in this photo.  We were there and about dusk and the sunset light exaggerated the coloring a bit, but not a whole lot.  Very cool either way.

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Thanks for sharing! We hope that one day we will get to Yellowstone national park too.

Thanks for an interesting read. Yellowstone looks like an interesting place to visit

I've been to Yellowstone and it was such a beautiful and unique place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

That is definitely awesome, to see Very different mud. Vulcano gasdess are awesome.

@customnature I am now a fanI love nature a d to capture this is awesome!