My underwater photography from Cebu, Philippines

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I took a trip last month to the Philippine island of Cebu and found an incredible place. From my hotel in Moalboal town, I could swim out just 30 meters and find pristine reefs, beautiful fish and other creatures, and green sea turtles all over the places. I've been getting more into underwater photography lately, and this trip might have pushed me past the tipping point. All I want to do now is shoot underwater.

A few of these were shot on scuba but most I was just snorkeling. Shot on a Canon G7X mark ii with a Fantasea housing, and a DJI Osmo Action.

Cool anemone

Banded sea krait

pygmy seahorse


ball of sardines

Clown anemonefish

tiny crab

green turtle with algae to make him extra green

Some type of shrimp

I think this is a nudibranch

and now, a few more turtle pics





These photographs are very beautiful! Thanks for showing. I love the sea but I don't have an underwater camera. The tiny crab is magnificent. It seems like a very blue dream. A big hello @dispatches

Cool pics. I especially like the turtles.

Hi dispatches,

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The tiny crab is adorable. It's nice to see pictures of these, it reminds me of how fragile they are (lots of bleached coral in my feeds). Thank you.

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Turtles a so cool Creatures :)

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Hello Hello!

Imagine that you took these photos, it's incredible ... I think it's great to show your marine talent, how beautiful they are

I hope you have a good xoxo day

Greetings from Venezuela

Truly said it is excellent. I really enjoyed a lot in the underwater magic moment.

I love seeing photos from the underwater world. I, personally, am afraid to go snorkeling and that's why I enjoy such photos :)

It's nice to see that the water there is clean, without litter...

What kind of camera do you use?

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

It is so calming to see the underwater world but scary at the same time because it is a different world altogether :) Thank you for sharing the photos. Cebu is one the recommended dive sites and I can see why now. There are so many turtles there too! And there is Nemo! How was the current? I went diving once and the current was so strong that we couldn't see much.

dear @dispatches, great post !! what can i say besides your photos are amazing ?? beautiful colors and plays of light, impressive life down there :-)) keep on and congratulations on your curie rating

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