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RE: Living in Luxury Off the Grid - Bird Brained Gangsta Life

in #nature4 years ago

Very good I like your post much the birds and precisely you speak about the bird carpenter and I have one here in the house living in a trunk and every day I listen to it to hammer with his strong beak, the sound relaxes me and I it like to look indeed that I liked very much at your history carpenter brings over of the bird.


It is so fun that this kind of bird lives in so many places in the world. You can see the other reply I got from a lady in France? She has a picture of a green woodpecker from her yard. I like the bird's voice. To me it sounds like laughing. My husband and I were putting a roof on a small building for our power generator and my husband heard the bird laughing and he was worried that there was someone in the forest watching us! It was funny but it makes me happy every time I hear it.

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