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RE: Heartbreaking news for animal lovers came from my beloved Mexico

in #nature3 years ago

very sad indeed about the turtles. So many animals die as collateral damage in fishing nets...only this for me is reason enough not to eat seafood. It's heartbreaking!


Very sad, very true. Honestly, I love seafood and right now, it is still very difficult for me to imagine that I would give up my shrimps or tuna but - at least - I go for those brands that use "responsible fishing" products. But who knows what the future holds for me... I am already cutting down on my meat consumption to 3-4 meat meals per week ;)

ohhh that's great that you're reducing meat consumption =) It's music to my ears eheheheh =) Not judging at all btw, but I'm happy to hear that you are thinking about these things =)