Oregano, a home remedy for flu / cough?

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As a young child, I remember my mother usually rely on the medicinal properties of plants or herbs as a remedy to my common sickness like fever, cough, and or flu. Among all of the ornamental plants that she used, there is one plant that I wouldn't forget, it's the Oregano. A plant that she used to let me drink a spoonful whenever I have cough.



After a few spoonfuls of Oregano syrup, I usually feel better. However, I must say that it's one of the most bitter or horrible tasting herbal medicine I ever experience. And that is one of the reason why I hated it so much that it became remarkable to me.

In this modern times, I usually go for cough syrup from the pharmacy to relieve my cough. And I wonder, are their real facts that can prove that an Oregano can really relieve the cough of person? Is it even a better option that the modern medicines? Is there any side effects in using it? These are the questions in my mind that motivated me to do a simple research about it and share it the Steemit community.

What is Oregano?

First of all, let's introduce what is this plant called Oregano. It is a perrenial herb that grows at a height of about 20 - 80cm. It also known as a wild marjoram or sweet marjoram that is a native of Western & Southwestern Eurasia. It does have a flower that is purple in color.



Health benefits of Oregano

There are quite a number of health benefits that you will get from an oregano and it’s also a good source of Anti-oxidants, that is great in fighting free radicals.

Anti-oxidants are commonly found on berries and other nutritous fruits. Below is a good reference on the kind of fruits that have a high level of anti-oxidants.



For this post, let me focus on the possible benefits that can remedy a common cough or viral infection.

1. It has Antibacterial properties

According to study posted to NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), through a test-tube study it was proven the oregano is proven effective against 23 species of bacteria.

In the study, it was also mentioned that a concentrated amount of the herb’s essential oil has shown to be efficient against bacteria in comparison to sage & thyme.

One of the main reason for its antimicrobial properties is brought by the oil contains an essential compound called carvacrol.

oregano oil.JPG


2. Help Reduce Viral Infection

Aside from its antibacterial properties, the test-tube tests also show indication that oregano have antiviral properties.

As shown on studies, Oregano has proven to inhibit both human and animal viruses and it is due to “carvacrol” which is a compound of the oregano oil. Based on the studies, carvocal is also most effective on respiratory virus, such as a flu virus.

In this modern age, there are so many over the counter medicines that will serve as a cure to our common sickness. However, there are also traditional remedies that are also proven to be equally effective than the medicines that you can get from pharmacies. It just boils down to the affordability of the options that you have, if a home remedy like oregano is able to suppress a common sickness like cough or flu then I would personally take it instead of the modern medicines.


Here in the Philippines, it is commonly used for cough.
The young leaves are poured in hot water and we sqeez the juice and using a spoon it is fed children with cough.

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