The world is losing the fight against climate change

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Earth is overheating. From Sierra Leone to Siberia this summer, the flames have devoured hundreds of thousands of hectares of forests in the northern hemisphere. One of the 18 wildest fires is currently fading California. Fires killed 91 people in Greece last week. Elsewhere, people are dying as a result of extreme heat.

About 125 people have died in Japan as a result of a terrible wave that led to temperatures above 40 ° C in Tokyo for the first time. Such disasters, which were once rare, are now more common. Scientists have long warned that as our planet warms - today it is approximately 1 ° C hotter than in the era of pre-industrial kilns - the weather patterns will be completely adjusted.

An early analysis found that this tragic European summer would have been less likely if it was not for man-made global warming. However, as the impact of climate change is becoming clearer, so is the degree of challenge ahead.

Three years after pledged nations in Paris to keep global warming "below 2 ° C, compared to pre-industrial levels", greenhouse gas emissions are again high. Also, investments are increasing for oil and gas extraction. In 2017, for the first time in four years, coal demand rose.

Subsidies for renewable resources, such as wind and solar energy, are declining in many countries, and investments have stalled. Meanwhile, climate-friendly nuclear energy is expensive and unpopular. It is tempting to think that these are temporary obstacles, and that mankind with its own self-preservation instinct will succeed in triumph over global warming. In fact, he is losing this war.

To "live" in the fuel paradise

But insufficient progress does not imply any progress. While solar panels, wind turbines and other carbon-less technologies are becoming cheaper and more efficient, their use has increased. Last year, the number of electric cars worldwide exceeded 1 million.

Public concern is growing.

A survey last year in 38 countries found that 61 percent of people view climate change as a major threat; only ISIS terrorists caused more fear. Meanwhile, investors are talking about renouncing investment in companies that operate with coal and oil as raw materials.

Despite President Donald Trump's decision to release the country from the Paris Accords, many cities and separate US states have reaffirmed their commitment to it. Even some Republicans initially skeptical, it seems they are already agreed to solve this problem.

In smog-stricken China and India, citizens who smoke daily smoke are urging governments to re-think plans to rely mainly on coal for the electrification of their countries. Optimists say de-carbonization is within reach.

However, due to the complex complexity, compliance and implementation of global objectives, it has proven to be extremely difficult. One reason is the increase in demand for energy, especially in Asian development. In the years 2006-2016, when Asian developing economies grew significantly economically, their energy consumption increased by 40 percent.

Coal consumption rose annually by 3.1 percent. The use of cleaner natural gas grew by 5.2 percent and oil by 2.9 percent. Fossil fuels are easier to join today's networks than renewable sources that depend on sunlight and wind power.

The second reason is economic and political inertia. The more fossil fuels consuming a country, the harder it is to separate them.

Powerful lobbies, and voters who support them, strengthen the presence of coal in the energy sector. Repetition of existing ways of doing things can take years. Lastly, it is the technical challenge of extracting coal from industries beyond energy production.

Steel, cement, agriculture, transportation and other forms of economic activity are responsible for over 50 percent of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. But the world seems to have remained without ideas. About 70 countries or regions, responsible for one-fifth of all carbon emissions, now value carbon. Technicians stay away from carbon-free steel, even carbon-neutral cement, the output of which absorbs more CO (-2) than releases.

Blood, sweat and geo-engineers

However, none of these measures will be worth so much if the problems with global warming are not caught by the head. Western countries became rich, emitting a large amount of carbon. They have to respect their commitment to the Paris Accord to help poorer countries adapt to a warmer planet and reduce emissions in the future, without sacrificing the economic growth needed to escape poverty.

Confronting climate change, it will come with a financial cost over a short period of time - although carbon shifting can enrich the economy, as it did in the twentieth century, the move from coal-fired power to 20th-century electricity.

Politicians have a crucial role to play in carrying out the right reforms to ensure that the weak do not bear the burden of change. Perhaps global warming will spur them collective will. Alas, the world seems inclined to suffer the consequences of the great heat before

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Lol that emoticon made me laugh :P

I've been concerned about global warming since I can remember and at least in my family we've always tried to spend the least on light and water.

I'm always surprised to know people who don't really care about it, there's no way our self preservation will save us from the dead of our planet

If more people would act as you & your family do, this would'nt happen in the firdt place.
People do not care for something they dont understand so in my opinion i would say its the lack of knowledge.
Also medias should focus on spreading info to educate populate about the issue instead of showing us worthless stuff to entertain ourselves, which we can do just fine without the need of any media...
So spreading education and awareness of the sitruations is better then making a show but after all its a commercial life so that wont happen

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Mankind is suffering with these weather changes because of negligence to nature. From trash thrown in waters that evaporates and condenses after which produces acid rain, to harmful smoke (substances) that mixed in with air, the environment we live has become weak. The ozone layer that protect us and reflects back most of the heat coming from the sun has been thinned causing more heat reach the surface.

Not only are we affected by these changes but also all the living things, from animals to plants which are innocent inhabitants of Earth. I believe there are scientists who tries to discover solutions by any means regarding climate change.

Ye that's true. I agree.

Well we are the reason that this is happening though.
We are damaging our home without realizing it.
Its a pity newer generations weill have to suffer what we couldnt do (we could'nt keep our home clean and unharmed ). "By home i mean our planet".

Ty for stopping by and in glad you like the topic

You're welcome! I just happen to pass by and felt to leave a comment.

You're welcome! I just
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