Ozark Critters - Wolf Spiders

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Tigrosa aspersa...or Tigrosa something-or-another...They're hard to tell apart.

This "little" lady wandered up on my porch the other morning. I told my husband about her and showed him a photo and he insisted that I squash her. She was as big as a baby mouse and I'm not keen on squishing anything like that so I shoo'd her into the garden and left her alone.

Just like the cat that came back, the next morning she appeared again. I caught her in a jar and sat her on the table intending on rereleasing her further away. Unfortunately, I kind of forgot about her for a few...and when the husband saw her in the jar he shouted, "What is that spider doing in that jar?? Didn't you squash it??" Whoops. I quickly took her and let her go out in the yard away from our house. Let's hope she doesn't come back again!


You might have noticed she's missing a leg. I didn't do that. She was missing it from the first time I saw her. We're not into that.

Wolf spiders eat insects including earwigs, crickets (I despise crickets), grasshoppers, and ants.

This next Tigrosa something was at the river! It is definitely also a wolf spider. There are always spiders in the rocks at the river if you look hard enough. I'm always scanning the rocks for stones to polish and fossils so I see quite a few spiders. They don't bother me as long as they just keep chillin' where they are and don't try to run up my leg.


Missouri has lots of other Wolf spiders. Some have more predominate striping. I'm not any kind of spider expert so they're hard for me to tell apart.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you didn't mind the spider photos!

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Great spider photos! I had to rescue a wolf spider who found her way into my house. I much prefer them outdoors! Tip!

Thank you, @melinda010100!! These are such good spiders to have around.

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We like our wolf spiders here too! As long as they dont run up our legs, haha!
We had a huge one a couple summers ago, Ill see if I can find a picture of it...
OH yay! I found it!

Since we started free-ranging the chickens, though, we dont see too many of these anymore. I think the chickens have eaten most of them... :/

That first one is huuuuge!!! I bet they could eat a baby mouse. I'm happy to have them around since they eat crickets and I have a big aversion to crickets.

Yes, Im pretty sure it could have!!
Haha, crickets? I personally detest the huge roaches that live here in the south, and I hope big ol' spiders like this one eat them!

Me too! Thankfully we don't seem to have a roach problem...yet. Hopefully the chickens will prevent that!

Maci had one of these on her shoulder the other day at the river and freaked OUT! I laughed so hard. Although, I wouldn’t have been laughing if it were me ;)

That's pretty hilarious! I bet she wasn't very happy!

yeah, those are big spiders!

Great pictures, it didn't look that big until i saw the hand for scale 🙈great to see you moved it somewhere safe

I hope I moved her far enough away that the chickens won't find and eat her.

These are some really nice photos of wolf spiders! Its probably a good thing we do not live in the Ozarks because there are a few members of my family that are not the biggest fans of spiders (even the good ones). Haha! Great Job!