The beauty of Lhok Mee Beach

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Good day steemian partiko friends, I hope we all always be in the protection of Allah Almighty.
Lhok Mee Beach is one of the tourist attractions located in Aceh Rayeuk district of Aceh Indonesia province, the beauty of natural scenery around Lhok Mee beach becomes its own attraction so many people choose it as a place of travel.

Along the coastline looks clean with white sand, and the sea view is so beautiful it is very comfortable to be made as a family vacation place, lets friends visit the beach Lhok Mee there will be something extraordinary there.

Welcome to visit and enjoy the beauty of nature.
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In the event that you are Lhok Mee shoreline this, you unquestionably will wait. The reason is simple, the shoreline is spotless, wonderful and amicable for families. Family entertainment you absolutely won't bore.

on the left half of the shoreline, the shoreline secured with shady trees. The roots and stems somewhat implanted in the overflowed shoreline. Close-by trees, you can likewise manfatkan for area showers, the water is clear and without waves. Approaching tide driven by the trees and shakes that are not a long way from the shoreline. You can bathe in the ocean in the shade of these trees. So no dread of overheating once more

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