Visiting widest waterfall in Europe- Ventas rumba 💧

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Venta Rumba is the widest waterfall in Europe. Located on river Venta, city Kuldīga, Latvia.

The width of the hub depends on the amount of water, on average it is 100-110m, in tge course of the piles reaches up to 270m, height- 1.6-2.2m. The floodgates form is a very interesting line of zigzag.

The Venta Rumba is a natural monument and belongs to the Venta Valley Nature Reserve.


The Venta Rumba creates a constant frost in its vicinity. The inhabitants and guests of Kuldīga hace used the hub as a transition over the river. On a spring afternoon in the sun, you can see how fish try to beat the hub and slip over it. This place is popular among anglers.


In the summer, the hub is used by both those who want to swim and those who believe in the healing effect of the waterfall.



At the time when Kuldīga Knighthood Palace was build, there was no hub in Venta. The material for the castle and masonry was derived from the river bed, because it was the easiest way to get dolomite until the hub had formed. At the place where the hub is, the river bed is rapidly changing. Depth varies from 50cm to 2m. If the extraction of dolomite would continue, the water level would have changed and navigation through Venta would not be possible, therefore the Duke stopped the dolomite mining project and started digging around the Martińsala.


So if you plan to visit Latvia. I totally suggest to see this amazing nature creature.


Thanks for coming by. Have a wonderful day! ☀️👌


I would love to swim in it, wow it is so wide, a huge natural spa. I have tonsay I have been bathing in rivers since March April and Inusually go onwhen everyone days it is already to cold.
I would like to see the frost too.

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