Trip to Terasering Panyaweuyan Argapura, Majalengka

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Terasering Panyaweuyan Argapura, is administratively located in Argamukti Village Argapura District Majalengka District. Now, Terasering Panyaweuyan which is an agro tourism destination in Majalengka regency becomes one of the paradise for photography lovers, or tourists who want to enjoy the panorama of well-organized fields. Each week is visited by tourists and photographers both locally and from outside Majalengka area. One note, enjoy the scenery in Panyaweuyan, but do not get to stomp the crops there just for the sake of selfie.

Panyaweuyan itself is a place where visitors can see some mountains that are located in the area adjacent to Majalengka District. The best time to enjoy all the beauty that is on Panyaweuyan Terraces is the morning, from half past 6 am to 8 pm, tourists will be hypnotized the natural beauty in Panyaweuyan.

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Pemandangan nya asri, fotonya bagus..

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