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RE: I never get tired of watching video clips of wildlife

in #nature4 years ago

Hi, Sir @r2cornell I'm interested in both, the wildlife clips and your flower photography. You are blessed with wolves, mountain lion and coyotes in your area. I'm going to watching all of the five videos on Dropbox. :)


Thank you @ikrahch! I am glad to hear you are interested in both.

nice post. @r2cornell:-) you are a great soul.

thanks for sharing...

you have great passion for you so much........

I always be interested in flower photography as you can see I always posted my own flower photography but I didn't have in experience with wild life. :) So, thanks for sharing

Yes you takes some wonderful floral photographs! Glad you liked these video clips

nature gives us happy moment....
they teaches us how to love..
great to share sir...
god blesss you

you are nature lover...
that's great...
it's amazing that you try to share this always..
love it..


wow! excellent photography!