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RE: The world is losing the fight against climate change

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Mankind is suffering with these weather changes because of negligence to nature. From trash thrown in waters that evaporates and condenses after which produces acid rain, to harmful smoke (substances) that mixed in with air, the environment we live has become weak. The ozone layer that protect us and reflects back most of the heat coming from the sun has been thinned causing more heat reach the surface.

Not only are we affected by these changes but also all the living things, from animals to plants which are innocent inhabitants of Earth. I believe there are scientists who tries to discover solutions by any means regarding climate change.


Ye that's true. I agree.

Well we are the reason that this is happening though.
We are damaging our home without realizing it.
Its a pity newer generations weill have to suffer what we couldnt do (we could'nt keep our home clean and unharmed ). "By home i mean our planet".

Ty for stopping by and in glad you like the topic

You're welcome! I just happen to pass by and felt to leave a comment.

You're welcome! I just
Happen to pass by and felt
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