when nature is fresh - they will come

in #naturelast year (edited)

We are in the lockdown stage now. But who knew the fate would be so good in such a hurry. Yesterday after sunset when I have walking in my rooftop garden, this bird had come. This is Bulbuli or Bulbul. May be the birds return to their nest in the evening. At that time I have captured it with my camera.







As the birds far away from me. I have share the crop view.

Camera Settings:
F: 5.6
ISO: 6400
Lens: [email protected] 250 mm

One thing is clear to me now. After continuous lock down pollution label become very low. And for this reason birds are coming. Even I have seen them from my rooftop. It is a good news to everybody.

Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. Stay home. Stay safe. Because this is the only thing to protect Coronavirus spreading.

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