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Yesterday we went trekking with a friend and our dog near were we live in Valmalenco (Sondrio, Italy).

After 20 minutes by car to reach the park we started to walk in a forest near a river for about 30 minutes. In this pic you can see the Disgrazia mount (3678 mt.) and its glacier.


After not even an hour of light climb we reached Rifugio Tartaglione, a large wooden and stone lodge lying on the mountain at about 1800 meters high.



Here we have rested, sunburned and especially we ate local specialties: like this chef of cheese, fruit jam and honey, deer stew and cold beer!


It was a wonderful day at the foot of giants. Here are more photos of Mount Disgrace and its surroundings.





Nice photos and post. 😀

Nice post and amazing photos!

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Beautiful pictures of the mountain @italianguy. Lovely first picture and view from the lodge.

Thank you, also I love the first one!

Che bello! Bellissimo. Monte Disgrazia. La scalata e difficile (terzo grado e ghiacciato).

Sì è bellissimo, l'ho guardato bene con il binocolo e ho immaginato fosse una scalata dura! Non a caso mi limito a guardarlo col binocolo ahah

Awesome looking place! Thanks for sharing!

Oh!! Everything looks amazing, the scenery, the food, the weather!

Beato te, se vivi a poca distanza da lì. Per molti anni ho passato le vacanze a Chiesa e per me sarà sempre uno dei luoghi che chiamo "casa". :-)