Baby Sunflowers

in #naturelast month


This is how tall my baby sunflowers are, and for the bigger sunflower, I cut off the remaining flowers. I got 12 of them and I really think it is going to die since there are parts where it is already decaying.



Why did it bloom the second time around? Maybe because I kept cutting the flowers initially which came off as pruning. So it signaled more growth and it bloomed.


I was able to get 12 more flowers this time. And Before I was able to take several. Overall it was around 30 flowers all in all.

They do make wonderful decorations even if they get old and dry.


Sooo so beautiful, I have upcoming projects for jewelry with a friend. I'm looking forward to show what I had made.

God Bless and thanks for stopping by 🥰🥰🥰✌️👑