The Beauty Nature Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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When you're a mountain person, you understand the brilliance and beauty of contradiction. The way land can be your greatest teacher. How Something can be both grounding yet elevating, Intoxicating yet soothing, wild yet serene, intensely primal yet patient, and cycling yet predictable within the shifts,and rhythms.

Mountains Keep us on edgo yet wrap us in the sensation of safety all at once.


A Few weeeks ago.I Woke up at 7am on the east side of Khunjrab and decided to slowly make my way along the Going-to-the Sun Road.From logan's pass. I Watched the sun rise and chased the morning light all the way down to Lake McDonald,Where I pulled over and walked up to this shore..!

While driving up These huge mountains,Dad dropped me off to take a photo while he continued driving along. I Really wanted to show the grand scale of the place, if you look close enough you can see dad in the motorhome driving away..!

Today dad and i decided to do a bit of exploring around Queenstown and after a while of driving around we ended up at the top of The Remarkables.Along The way we were treated to some of the most epic views of the trip.


This is really beautiful. Especially the mountains and the rocks. They are really great!!!

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thanks my friend...