A winter night in the north.

in #nature10 months ago

Northern light in the sky.

View outwards the fjord Rombaken, direction west. The Northern ought on the north side of the fjord. Lights from the town Narvik at the opposite side. After a couple of hours waiting on a beach Aurora arrived great to the north in the sky.







Settings for images, 6-7 sec - f3/5 - iso 2000

Winter sky in the north



OK, you have been right, this Northern Light is a lot bigger than the one you have photographed in your backyard. These are beautiful shots of an amazing phenomenon @karja 😊


Thanks @johannpiber for pleasant comment. Moore coming soon, hoping for a really big one.

You're much welcome @karja 🙂
So, there are even bigger Northern Lights? Cool, I'm looking forward to see the big one then 🙂


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Thanks so much mr @axseman.

I hoped to photograph northern lights in Estonia as well but our weather was cloudy, damn...
Awesome shots!

Thank you @greddyforce for pleasant comment. Yesterday The northern light should be visible down to Estonia, wish you better luck next time.

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Thank you so much @deranged.coin.

Those are amazing! I haven’t been lucky enough to see the northern lights myself, even though I’ve been in northern Labrador a few times over the years.

Just never the right timing.

Thanks @noloafing for pleasant comment. Yes you need some luck, clear sky and The Northern light at the same time does not appears so often, at least not where I live. I'm sure you sooner or later will see the green light in the sky.

Fingers crossed!

Wow! Fantastically

Thanks so much @uadigger.

In this life i d like to see once the north light.

Recommended, welcome north. Thanks @dromihete for comment.

videotogif_2018.11.22_16.54.17 (1).gif

Thank you very much sir.

Wow those are indeed amazing shots !!
@tipu curate

Sorry, recovering voting power 🐹

Doesn't seem real. It's incredible! It may be normal for you but I can't get used to the thought that this is real. Wonderful... and Thank You!

Thanks so much @bluemoon for pleasant comment.

I must thank you!

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That's spectacular

Thanks @alinabarbu for comment.

I recommend setting ISO at a lower value and extending the exposure time to 15 seconds. Why 15? Because the stars will not leave a trail, yet, but you get less noise.

Thanks very much @markkujantunen for advice. Yes. my pictures are not perfect, I struggling to get the artificial light sharp and clear. Hoe toget the best focus is also difficult for me. I will try with lower iso next time.

Focusing in the dark must be done beforehand and at a distance called the hyperfocal distance. It is the distance specific to a particular aperture and focal length used from which everything half the distance towards the camera and from which everything to infinity is in acceptably sharp focus.

Take a look at this table:


If you use a large aperture as you should when photographing the night sky and you have set your objective at a short focal length to maximize what's visible in the frame with your settings being 20 mm and f/4, for instance, the hyperfocal distance is about 5 meters if you use a crop sensor Nikon. Use the table to find the right values for your camera and objective and exposure settings.

The focus at that distance or further (further in case there is nothing interesting in the foreground). Use a flashlight or the headlights of your car, if that's convenient to focus manually or with auto-focus.

Make sure your lens is on manual focus so as to keep the focus constant.

Use a large aperture and an exposure time of about 10-15 seconds (if more than that the stars will leave a trail). Set ISO at 1600. Finetune the settings to get the best possible results. Sometimes you need higher ISO. But aurora borealis is bright, so maybe not here.

Thank you again for valuable advice. Now I will be better prepared for the next aurora show.

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Thanks @beerlover for the beer, cheers.

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@mia-cc 斤斤 迎着飓风 骑着飞鸽 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Oh my God!我竟然不知道你想说什么!


Oh my God!我竟然不知道你想说什么!

This is an incredible spectacle of nature! Congratulations on the photos ❤️

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