Valley landscape.

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In the valley, Junkerdalen.

The valley is about 22 km long from the sea to the border with Sweden. some pictures from the valley in nice weather.

View upstreams the river.

In the morning.


Higher up in the landscape, many small lakes.

Views down the valley with the river at the bottom.

An old bridge in the forest.



The bridge was built at the end of the eighteenth century, the dry climate in the valley has made the bridge well preserved.


Pictures from one of my days in the north.



That is such wonderful landscape, looking at it I immediately think about the landscape in New Zealand when they were working on "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbits", peaceful calm water, valleys and mountains with snow capped mountains.

By the way, yesterday we were watching the movie "Wisting" is a Norwegian police procedural television series starring Sven Nordin the action is taking place in Larvik, when I heard that name then had to think about Narvik. We are half way through but it is very exciting.

Greeting to Heidi, Harald and Daniel!

Thank's so much @stef1 for nice comment.

Beautiful photos of the valley landscape! The mountains scenery is magnificent. The river and the lake look clean and calm. The reflection on the water is very gorgeous.

The old bridge in the forest is amazing. It's great that it's well preserved with the dry climate in the valley.

The forest looks refreshing with the greenery.

I love all of your photos. Great capture!

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

thank's @tangmo for placenta comment.

My pleasure! ;)

@para bovinos. Amigo esas fotos muestran un paisaje espectacular se debe pasar un día muy agradable y como para estar relajado y olvidar todos los problemas que uno pueda tener con esta situación del país almenos en el tiempo que se esté en ese lugar muy hermoso

Muchas gracias @edgarlygonzalez por el agradable comentario.

Your love for nature is something every one should emulate... I love your pictures and write ups, thanks for bringing nature to bare following you