Gorgeous river Mlava and one fantastic day

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It was a warm August day, ideal for town escape. Logically, we needed a forest and a river, a refreshing place for a family picnic and an easy walk. Although it is a little further from our house, the choice was Mlava, a river in Eastern Serbia. More precisely, we visited the picnic area which is located on the bank of the mentioned river in the Gornjacka Gorge, also known as the gate of the mountain Homolje, at the foot of the Ježevac peak.


This is one of our favorite ecological oases, which we visit at least once a year. The picnic area is located about a kilometer and a half from the Gornjak monastery.


Due to a little privacy, we moved a little away from the picnic area, unpacked our things, and put the watermelon in the icy river, to cool down.


Although the day was sunny and warm, it had been raining a lot in the previous days, so Mlava was still a bit wild in some parts. It was obvious that the river overflowed and flooded a large part of the picnic area, where it left stones and branches. This is the true nature of Mlava, turbulent and restless. That is why it is called Mlava, because Mlava means restlessness.

My children love nature and love to explore, so of course, we walked along the river bank. The beautiful emerald green dragonflies were very interesting to photograph. But they were very restless, so it wasn't an easy task.




In the meantime, we improvised a barbecue in nature. Proven good grilled sausages were delicious.


We explored the surroundings a bit and enjoyed the amazing nature and the breeze of the river. The murmur of water, the breeze, the sun breaking through the thick canopy of tall trees, dragonflies that seem to be rushing somewhere .... the wonderful harmony of nature completely relaxed and enchanted us...






We were a little downstream from the picnic area, which is very convenient for camping. This place is otherwise known to campers, who often come here. The place is beautiful, but the surroundings are also very interesting, like the monastery Gornjak, the mentioned peak Ježevac and the beautiful Krupajsko Vrelo which is located nearby.


There is a natural source of cold and drinking water nearby. The water from this spring is fantastic!!!


But the best part of the day was walking on the rocky bottom of the cold Mlava. The children were overjoyed to be able to cross to the other side. It is interesting how such a simple thing caused so much happiness and smiles. This is proof that we don't need any luxury for happiness and that happiness is made up of small things, such as crossing a river.🙃 I must mention that crossing the river is not an easy task because the water was very cold, and the bottom is very rocky in some parts, so it is a good exercise for the soles :) But that didn't bother the children, they were thrilled.





I hope that through my story you could feel the energy, harmony, and beauty of this amazing place. We had a fantastic time and we really enjoyed every moment spent in this magical place. Of course, as always, alone or with friends, we will come here again.

Greetings to all nature lovers!

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