Life is a river! Gorgeous Danube...

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Wide, spacious, deep, calm, marvelous and magical. The Danube is my sea. I love its shores, energy, nature, stillness... The Danube is the border. The Danube connects. The Danube is strength and harmony.


Rivers know this: There is no hurry. We shall get there someday. A.A. Milne

I was thinking of moving with my family from Smederevo. When my husband asked me what I would miss the most, except the people I love, the answer was simple. The Danube! Walking along its shores, swans, magical sunset, coffee with friends, memories, stories told...

And of course this place!



This is my place, where I like to escape from the noise, the problems, the stress. This place relaxes me. Nothing is exclusive here, but the river is magical, wonderful, peaceful and beautiful. Priceless.

This is one winter afternoon. With no greenery, no snow, this place is still gorgeous.


Bare branches touch the surface of the water, the day is sunny and warm. Unusual for this time of year. You get the impression that no one is coming here. But it's not how it seems . This place is well known to fishermen. We have not seen any since morning is their time.


Although not visible in the photographs, there are many birds on the banks of the Danube, especially on a river island.




Rivers flow not past, but through us; tingling, vibrating, exciting every cell and fiber in our bodies, making them sing and glide. John Muir

Do you have "your location" in the place where you live? A place that brings you back energy, balance and peace? This is mine. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Anyway, Thank you for stepping by. :)

With love,


Amazing nature shots!

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