How to attract butterflies to your yard

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If you want to admire butterflies in your yard, plant native plant species. Butterflies and flowering plants have evolved together for millions of years and are dependent on each other. Therefore, certain - necessarily local - plant species are needed to feed the butterflies and their caterpillars.


A small garden in which butterflies will live can be grown in your yard under the window, at the entrance or in the country. It is not difficult: it is enough to plant local plant species. Baby butterflies - caterpillars - feed on green parts of plants, and adult butterflies drink nectar from flowers.


Butterflies need nectar throughout their adult life. Plan your "wild" garden so that plants succeed each other in their flowering: one finish, and others immediately start. And so through the spring, summer and autumn.


Butterflies need the sun to warm their wings to fly. Lay flat stones in your garden to give the butterflies space to rest and warm up in the sun.

Provide protection. Butterflies need a roof to take cover in bad weather. Plant tall grasses closer together, plant shrubs, or dump some old branches in the corner to create shelter.


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