Take in the beauty of an early morning

in #nature2 months ago

The picture of the morning summer nature looks quite bewitching and attractive to the human eye. The rising sun illuminates everything around with its gentle and warm rays.


Grass, bushes - all this is covered with transparent dew. Sometimes a light and transparent veil of fog hangs over everything. Fresh pre-dawn coolness is combined with rare gusts of morning breeze.

The sky is not yet shining with its usual blue, but is temporarily covered with small white clouds, which will disperse immediately after the sun rises.

There is still no chorus of bird voices ringing with all the melodies, but only occasionally the chirping of early pigeons is heard. There is silence everywhere, there are practically no sounds.


But suddenly, from behind the horizon, the very first rays of the sun appear, and after a few minutes the sun regally comes out into the sky and nature seems to come to life: you can immediately hear the singing of birds, gusts of wind, clouds disperse and a bright blue sky opens.


The picture of morning nature is pleasant to any person and attracts his gaze with its magnificence.


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