The mini forest beneath our feet

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We don't always look down, but it can be a fascinating exercise when we do.

In the right conditions between the rocks, if there is enough moisture around we can find a veritable rain forest of intricate diversity beneath our toes.

In this one square foot there are over 10 different species of moss and other plants.

Take a look at all the variety in this close up.

Spiky ones like palm trees, small fluffy ones, ground huggers etc.

pineapple like ones, long flat ones, little bulbous ones, all the shapes and miniature sizes you can think off.

Even miniature flowers smaller than a fingernail.


Woow amazing

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i like your photography beautiful nature thanks for sharing...

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Amazing how much the plant world has to offer us. Plant blindness is a huge issue, as it causes us to miss so many of the wonders that make human life possible. And to think, in your photos you talk about mosses and flowers, yet hidden in your photos there is lichen and fungi mixed in with the plants. Multiple species all living in harmony together. If we stop to look, we can learn so much to apply in our own lives!

Nice photography

I agree. The forest at our feet is always captivating. Thanks for sharing

Awesome post, it's so easy to forget what lies beneath our feet.

Stupid fact about my life: I love the smell of those places after a rainy day!

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Steady your amazing postings, I see, read and enjoy it thanks for sharing

I know the feeling. When you stop and really start to look at things, it's pretty amazing.

Ever since I got a camera, I've been tripping out on the plants in my area. The closer you look at them, the stranger they become.

I love doing it :) It is really a whole new universe

Hola amigo @madela

Así es.
Es un bosque a escala y recuerda "Tierra de Gigantes" o "Querida, encogi a los Niños"