LASTOVO AT LAST! adventure - part 1

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I love to travel and explore all year long. I live all my life in Croatia, as we call our country- country of a thousand islands.

I’ve been to many islands before, both north and south on the coast, but Lastovo I have never seen before, until now... I have only just arrived two days ago, but this is one of the most stunning nature experiences I’ve had...


Whole island has no more then 600 inhabitants so everything is intact, clean and clear. A little peace of heaven on Earth. Definitely coming back here!








Just so you can imagine better where am I... let me show you!


Coming back with more content very soon!





I have heard this part of the world is very beautiful (and your pictures show that). My sister and her husband traveled there about 2 years ago and brought back some great memories and photos.

I hear there are many people from Australia who come here for holiday and/or have some relatives here... Really is breathtaking nature, never seen sea as clear and warm as on Lastovo island!

Wow! Beautiful!

Your article is very exciting!

Can you give information about how to go there? Looks like a very peaceful place. I wasnt aware that there are such islands to visit there. Thanks alot.

Un paraiso total tienen ustedes en Croacia me encantaria visitarla algún dia, imagino que la segunda parte del paseo debe ser Sensacional @matejka. Saludos desde Venezuela