My Nature charmed morning times along with the company of Cat Meow this year

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Enchanting Nature filled mornings accompanied with cat Meow


Most of my mornings this year were fresh and evergreen, add to this I had cat Meow’s company often. My dose of morning refreshment with glimpses of greenery, birds and other elements of nature, sure powered my day. These days, things have changed, because cat Meow does not appear along much.


Here are certain snaps of nature that I had the
sweet privilege of rejoicing. Unintendedly, cat Meow, who is most beautiful with her Calico colour texture is featured in these snaps, as if she is a model.


As a flat outdoor cat, she seems to have enjoyed the surroundings of the flat campus, with her sitting, lying on grass, sand, seated next to trees, flower plants and rolling over on green ground.


There’s plenty of other ecosystem elements around that keep her entertained as she gazes at active birds and squirrels that are out of her reach. Her presence and company have always made my mornings interesting and even delightful.



Nature’s charms have only been sustaining me these days during the mornings as cat Meow’s company has been absent


There were many other days this year where my mornings have not been enriched with cat Meow’s company, yet even then there were some delightful visuals of nature that engaged my senses.



I always enjoy the sight of a prominent tree in my flat premises whose spread of leafy branches have all creatures using the space from squirrels, birds, monkeys.



It’s a strong beautiful tree with such a vast delightful spread of branches dressed with greenery and hanging strings, coloring sunny afternoons with a fresh evergreen look and blessing the space with shade.


Appealing colourful sights zoom about with a tree blooming with orange flowers.


Celestial wonders like the moon above in the morning sky peck one’s attention, although this snap of the moon from my phone camera can’t do the real spectacle any justice.


Balcony sightings of little cows grazing greenery


Inside my home on my balcony, there’s sometimes no chair free to sit with my balcony cat Garu on a sweet slumber, resting on the chair.


From there at times, one can see that the empty plot beyond my flat boundaries that’s separated by a compound wall has enough growth of greenery for little cows, calves to feast grazing on the greenery.

The villain who started discouraging cat Meow to visit houses

WhatsApp Image 20201029 at 11.46.41 AM 1.jpeg

You readers may be wondering, why cat Meow, who used to show up so many times earlier, equipping me with content to do many Caturday posts featuring her is not showing up much these days.


Situations change and evolve. She managed to grab the attention of a non-tolerant pet animal hating neighbour, as she bite off their milk packets when she came around my floor following me to my doorstep. Somehow, the neighbour managed to make a rule about no feeding cats on house doorsteps.

Ever since then, I don’t see her much and if I do, I take her off my floor to the ground floor so that animal despising neighbour does not cause any ruskus.

Even then, I was content to see her occasionally, she still came to me when I saw her last 3 weeks ago, she showed up from nowhere, more fatter than ever.


Others have reported that cat Meow is not the friendly cat she usually is. She generally visits people’s houses and gets food, out on their doorstep itself - dry food and milk, bread and milk, wet food and stuff like that.

News on cat Meow


Yesterday, I really felt that even those occasional encounters with her were not happening. I knew that this outdoor cat could hunt so I don’t need to worry about her. I thought she left my flat campus and went somewhere else where she can ask for food, apply her friendly charms on people and get it. However, this is not the case, something serious happened to that lovely cat Meow.

Last week, she was badly injured after being attacked by dogs on the road. Fortunately, one of my animal loving floor resident’s son found Meow and she was rushed to the hospital immediately. She is now in that resident neighbours house, on drips and I heard that she is otherwise ok, not in critical condition.

In the end, cat Meow is treated and should heal when ever she does


All in all, although it’s unfortunate that cat Meow had to go through this, I am thankful that one of my floor resident lady and family took action, saved Meow’s life and are taking care of her.