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Cycling is a great way to spend your leisure time, and in the last few years it is also seen as a healthy activity that helps keep you in shape.Sports coaches recommend it as one of the most effective weight loss programs because it helps you burn many calories, especially if it becomes a habit. A couple of weeks ago, together with two of my friends, I left in a small bicycle trip,destination, Pades Peaks of Poiana Rusca Mountains.Pades Peaks has an altitude of 1,382 m, the route is quite heavy so we needed a lot of power to get to the top.After the first part of the trail I made a small stop at a abandoned cottage in the middle of the woods.



After the little break we went further to the top, the road was getting harder and the breaks more and more often.



Once we reached the top of the mountain, we were waiting by a wonderful view that filled us with positive energy.We sat down on the grass and enjoyed the scenery.




I can say that cycling is ideal for the general health of the body because it improves mental health as a relaxing exercise, strengthens the immune system, distances heart disease, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and may even reduce the risk of the development of colon cancer, according to specialists.But it also tones your body muscles, focusing on your thighs and thighs, but also works your abdomen.Also, this activity is extremely enjoyable because it helps you forget about problems, free yourself from daily stress, meditate and observe the beautiful things around you, especially if you choose quiet places with special landscapes.



Other advantages of cycling are:
  1. You'll sleep better
  2. You protect your intestines
  3. The brain works better
  4. Higher disease resistance
  5. Stronger heart
  6. Eliminate the cancer
  7. Better circulatory and respiratory system
  8. Quality time spent with family
  9. You burn more fat
  10. You look younger

I think that if a large part of the inhabitants of this planet would choose to use the bicycle more often, the pollution would be much less.One study found that in a small number of highly polluted cities health risks of air pollution could begin to outweigh the benefits of physical activity after 30 minutes of cycling each day.And according to a study by the Imperial College in London, people traveling by car or bus ingest much more polluted air than cyclists or pedestrians. On average, people traveling by taxi are exposed to more than 100,000 ultra-fine particles per cubic centimeter, bus drivers inhale as little as 100,000 particles, and people traveling by car inhalate around 40,000 ultra-fine particles per cubic centimeter. Instead, cyclists only inhale 8,000 particles, this low value being due to the fact that cyclists are moving along the road, making them less exposed to machine-related noxes that have a maximum concentration on the middle line of the road. I think no matter if we go on a bike in the park, at work or do some work on the weekend, cycling has a lot of advantages that can not be ignored by absolutely no one

This year we visited more mountains in Romania, wherever I went I always had my bike or motorcycle with me. To influence you to use the bike at least once a week, look at what beautiful places .




Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you a beautiful day! Ah,and do not forget to ride a bicycle!

Original photos taken with Canon EOS 60D

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