The beautiful forest

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When you have some free time, gather some friends and go for a walk in the woods. The forest awaits you every time fresh and welcoming. The leaves of the trees will whisper over your heads, wind-driven. Among the branches, you will see how the sun's rays are playing, cheerful and brilliant. In the forest, everything urges you to dream, and your soul fills you with joy and freedom.
That's what I do when I have some spare time, I gather my family or friends and we go out in the morning to walk through the woods. I often walk alone.I can say that with every walk I feel freer more quiet and worry-free.


The pictures I will put down are made earlier this year in a forest near the village of Nadrag in Timis County.I've recently found them through my Laptop and I immediately remembered that beautiful walk. I remember it was on a Sunday morning when, together with my family, I went to visit some waterfalls that was nearby. In that morning it rained, once we have arrived in the woods the aire was very clean, the birds were singing, and nature surrounded us with many beauties. I photographed some strange mushrooms I met on the road.






Once we got to see the waterfall, it did not seem so interesting to me because the forest attracted me much more. In that morning the forest seemed different to me, as if you did not want to leave it. The waterfall was also having her attraction, it was not a big one, but her noise seemed to calm me down slowly.



I think the nature is a fascinating thing, full of mysteries and that our lives depend very much on the nature and everything that surrounds us. Nature has been, is, and will always be the most wonderful, mysterious and fascinating work, perhaps the only thing that man can never create. The forest is a scene where nature gives the most beautiful show. The multicolored flowers, the fragile and beautiful butterflies, the green grass seem to be all gathered together to attract attention. The wind gleamed happily among the green branches of the trees. Birds put silence on the run, singing which more cheerful joy completing the show that is given in nature.

Original photos taken with Canon EOS 60D !Thank you for visiting my blog!
Have a nice day!


I can't get over this abandoned train station. I love these kind of places, we might visit Romania and if we go would love to track down this spot. Would you mind sharing the name with us? Also, those picture are incredible.

hello, I'm glad you liked it. If you mean the name of the place, it is the town of Nadrag in the county of Timis. 45°39′0″N 22°10′59″E

Thank you but I'm confused I put in the coordinates but don't see anything which looks like a train station. Could you maybe post a link to google maps. Don't want to show up there and be all confused .... hehe