The world's top 10 cleanest cities

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1) Finland

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Helsinki Finland is a highly organized city. It has tourists marvelous green hills, hilly areas, museums, and beach beaches. Helsinki has an estimated population of 7.8 million. This city is known for its exotic tourist attraction.

2) New York - United States of America

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New York is a wonderful city in America. Estimated Population 1.7 million in America, this city is best known for museums, parks, restaurants, hotels, and big shopping centers.

3) Kobe - Japan

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Kobe is a rich city in Japan. Kobe is a populated country and has many interesting sights, Kobe tourists' favorite place. So this city has gotten the reputation of improved sewage management systems and environmentally friendly vehicles.

4) Wellington - New Zealand

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According to a major city record of Wellington New Zealand, the estimated population is 5.66 million. Wellington theme and jungle park, museum, relaxing environment and green road here are an ideal place for international tourists. The population of this city is extremely high, but its beauty and natural attraction are not damaged.

5) Singapore

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Singapore is one of the best, busiest and cleanest Asian cities. Although people are busy living here, there are many opportunities to have fun and fun in the evening or weekend, with Singapore's official language English, with an estimated 5.4 million population, this city dominates the world in a number of different fields.

6) United Kingdom

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London UK may be a beautiful and developed city, but this city is equally delightful for its clean streets and refreshing atmosphere equally famous for London's London.

7) Freiburg im Breisgau - Germany

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If you want to enjoy your time in some flowery city with the new and green mountains of Germany, then nothing is better than in Freiburg. This city is famous for its fresh grass gardens, parks, scenic trees and eco-friendly environments. Friesburg is a prominent German city and tourists who enjoy relaxing at the main center.

8) Paris - France

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Paris is appreciated by the well-organized traffic system and beautiful theme park for its clean streets, despite Paris's capital city in the shopping and fashion lovers' center. This city has everything plus a plus to your level of great travel experience.

9) Brisbane - Australia

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With an estimated 2.04 million population, Brisbane is a superb and one of the cleanest cities in Australia. It is renowned for its wet weather and relaxing environments, Brisbane is a well-organized and safe city, having all the facilities available for its people.

10) Oslo - Norway

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Oslo Norway is one of the busiest and most populous cities, this city is acclaimed for its beautiful green areas, parks, lakes and gardens. In 2007, by the Oslo Reader Digest, it was named the world's second-largest green city. Every year tourists come here.

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